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Help please: Move to Blizzard Cochise (or Bonafide) from Prophet 100?

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Hi All,

Hoping someone can help me make a decision on moving from a ’09-10 Line Prophet 100 (163cm) to a 2012 Blizzard Cochise (177cm).


Here are my stats:




Very Athletic

Current Ski: Line Prophet 100 / 163cm

Skis: Out west. Off piste whenever possible. Love trees, soft snow, chop, fluff. I’m a mountain biker so piste tends to bore me.  But since I live in the midwest (only ski out west) I have to have a ski with me on my trips that can handle groomers and firm snow too. 

Skier Level: Advanced Intermediate (??)

Here are two short recent vids of me skiing--might help you better determine if I can handle a Cochise.  I've only been skiing for 3.5 seasons, so I know I'm going to become more polished over the coming years:




I’m thinking of moving to the Cochise the season because of the rave reviews and because it sounds like what I’m looking for to improve my one ski quiver.  Also, the 163cm twin tip I'm on now is pretty short for me now at my level of skiing.  I'm looking to move into a longer ski.  My weaknesses on the mountain are high speed GS turns and bombing straight down anything.  I don’t feel real comfortable at speed on my skis… tend to feel like I’m being bounced around and knocked off line/tips hooking, etc.  Also, while I can carve well on softer snow, I tend feel minimal grip on icier slopes with the Prophets.  I know the solution would be to buy a carving GS ski.  However, I live in the Midwest and travel out west 5+ times a season and need a one ski quiver.  The Cochise sounds like it would handle/carve up groomers and firm snow better.  Also sounds like the Cochises would bust crud and straight line better. 


In saying this all, I absolutely want a ski I can twist and turn through trees on and that is fun to play on.  I don’t want a super stiff boring board for doing mach 5 GS turns.  I like to play in tighter spots and have good control.  I don’t weight much, so I can’t handle a really ‘strong’ ski that will fight me.  After I’ve read all the reviews, reading forums and watching the vids, etc… It looks like the Cochise would be an awesome ‘do it all’ ski for out west, for the skier who loves to be off piste, but will have to rip the groomers too.  I’m hoping some of you out there have had experience with both of these skis and can better help me make a decision with your input. 


Thank you in advance for any help! 

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Oh, I'll also add... I was planning on demoing the Cochises on my first trip to CO this year... but that might not be for a few weeks.  I've heard there are big shortages of them, so I figured they might not be available for demo (or sale) anymore by the time I get out west.  Hence I was looking for some feedback before I buy without riding.  

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you skiing looks fine, level 8ish needs polishing for sure but your more solid than most people on here......


I think you would have no problem handling a 177cm Cochise, which will actually have better edge grip on harder snow than your P100s. Not feeling comfortable at speed could be function that your skis are really short like 5 foot tall 120lb girl back east short.


I best can describe the Cochise as an ideal western one ski quiver for someone who does not want a twin tip and ski mostly off trail. Its a ninja stick and takes alot of guess work out of skiing.




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Thanks for the feedback Bushwacker.  


So, I had a second part of this question...  As I mentioned, I'm a midwesterner, who travels out west (CO, Mammoth, Whistler, Utah) about 5 times a season. With most of my trips locked in, weeks in advance.  However, I do book 1-2 trips based on powder chances.  Last season I was very fortunate to have powder, or at least soft snow every time I went out there (mainly CO).   So the Cochises makes a lot of sense based on that.  However, I realize I won't always be that lucky.  I will get stuck with groomers, hard pack, stale crud, super packed pow, and maybe even a bit of ice.  Keeping this in mind, is the Bonafide a better idea?   As I mentioned, whenever possible I'm in the trees, off piste and off groomers, but if the snow is not good, sometimes the hard pack groomers are only safe place to be.  So I'm thinking a Bonafide might be a better option as a daily driver/one ski quiver for a person who only skis out west, but is locked into dates and can't always assure powder.   What are your thoughts?  Or anyone else's, taking this all into consideration?


I've been able to get by in crappy snow conditions on my Prophet 100's but would love more edge grip to dig in.  As you mentioned, the Cochise should do better than the Prophet, even though it's 8mm wider.  But would the Bonafide take that grip and control to a new level?  And be better in trees with it's tighter radius?  


Also, if I was out west, and it snowed more than 14" I would probably rent a dedicated pow ski.  


Thanks again! 



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The bonafide could be the better ski but...


The cochise does not really give up any edge grip and quickness doesnt matter as much as people seem to think.


Disregard the radius as well both IMO are about the same quickness once on edge.


I could go either way they are literally a dozen skis in that range that will work the blizzard do have more going for them than most though.


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