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Multi Quote for Dummies

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Can someone explain how to use "Multi Quote"? I actually searched this forum and found a couple of older references. These made it sound like you clicked the "multi quote" button on each post you wanted to quote, and then clicke "reply" to include all selected posts in a "quote" block in your reply. This doesn't work for me at all. I never get more than one quoted block no matter what I do (just like if I hit the "quote" button). Specifically, I want to reply to a post in which someone has already quoted an earlier post, and get nested quote blocks, as I have seen in many others' posts. Now, of course I can do this by going into source view and editing the html, but that is awkward and shouldn't be necessary if there is already a user-friendly UI feature that will do this.


Thanks in advance.


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Multi quote is to pull from multiple POSTS.  If you want nested quotes, I think there is a check box for that somewhere on your profile...


Yes, Account details, page down about half way and you'll find:  





Site Preferences

Invisible Mode(?)
Remove Homepage Carousel
Remove Nested Quotes in Replies



The boxes refuse to show, but I've unclicked the last selection.

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