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I've always been impressed with the many thoughtful responses to questions on here, so I thought I would try posting myself.  Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide- it would be most appreciate.


I'm in the market for a new pair of skis and would love to get your thoughts.  I'm a male, 30 y/o, 5'8 and 150 lb based on the East Coast (but like skiing out west).  I usually ski ~7 days a year, with about 4-5 days in Colorado, and 2-3 days out East (though I'd like to increase that).  For the past few years, rather than purchase my own skis and transport them for my annual trip to CO, I've just been renting.  However, after a few years of shelling out $50/day to get "high performance skis" (usually the K2 Apache Recons but have tried out a few others as well), I'm thinking that I should take the plunge a buy a pair for myself.  I'm looking for that proveribal "one ski the quiver" that will be versatile enough to take out on most days on the mountain, whether it be East or West.  I'm not as concerned about deep powder days, as I'm willing to rent powder skis if necessary; but ideally I'd like to find something that I can use without renting on most days.  I'd call myself an advanced skier in the sense that I'll ski pretty much anywhere on the mountain- groomers, bumps, glades, etc at the black/double black level but I'm not an expert by any means and can definitely use work on technique, etc.  It is also worth noting that I'm not a very aggressive skier- I prefer moderate speeds and control and won't be the guy bombing down the mountain or shredding the bumps.  As such, I'm looking for something that is forgiving and easy to ski and something that will be easily manuverable in the bumps.  High speed is less of a priority for me. 


Lengthwise, I am used to skiing on the 163 cm Recons (and think that is the right length for me) but would welcome suggestions as to what length I should go with give the above parameters and changes in skis (rockering etc).


Given all the sales on the 2011 gear, I was hoping to pick up a pair of last season skis at a reasonable price.  My sense is that I should buy an all-mountain ski in the 80-90 mm waist range.  As of now, I'm strongly considering the following two skis:


1) 2011 K2 AMP Rictor- I can get them for $549.95 with bindings.  Great deal but they only have the 160 cm.


2) 2011 Dynastar Legend Sultan 85s.  $475-510 with bindings, and they have 165 cm.


I would love the following input:


1) What are the pros/cons of the Rictor vs. the Legend?  What would you recommend given my skiing style?


2) Are there other skis you think I should consider?  Preferably 2010 or 2011 where I could get a discount?  Definitely looking for a good value; otherwise I can just demo some of the 2012 while I am in Colorado in February and then buy them when they go on sale at end of season. 


3)  Do you think the 160 cm Rictors would be too short? 


Thanks very much!