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Jiminy Peak Trees???

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My friend and i got a couple free lift tickets to Jiminy, and are wondering if its even worth the drive. We're both experts who have gone through the whole race program, and we're hoping for some decent tree skiing, thanks.



























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You won't find it there.  The mountain receives 65" of natural snow per year.  They have exceptional snowmaking and the whole mountain is groomed.  Basically, you ski laps on the 6 pack.  6 min up and 4 min down.

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Agree with Paul Jones.  Jiminy is frustrating; they actually had some trees awhile ago....then they cut a trail there and groomed it flat.   If the mountain would ever take action, there's a huge area for glades right on the front side, but I suspect the lack of snow and fears about liability choke 'em up. 


There is variety in terms of steepness of terrain, but essentially it's a smaller version of many overly-groomed VT areas.  No trees to speak of.  OTOH, free is free, and I ski at Jiminy a fair bit just b/c of location and cost.  I live NW corner of CT and I'm there in 50 minutes.


If'n you want trees, I hear Berkshire East has 'em.

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No tree skiing @ Jiminy, but there are farly steep groomers and a few bumps.  A good place to hone your high speed carving.  With the superfast 6-pack you can get 7000' per hour vertical.  After 4 fairly boring hours you can have 28k vert.


Berkshire East has better trees and is probably closer to you. It's also cheaper, but that doesn't help you.

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