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Red Lodge Mountain early season conditions

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WARNING:  Shameless plug to follow


While Big Sky is only 10-12% open and Bridger Bowl is not open at all yet, Red Lodge Mountain is basking in unbelievable early season conditions.  RLM has received 32" of snow in the last 7 days and 23" in the last 48 hours.  We have 61 of 66 runs open and the snow conditions are extremely good.  Lift lines today were non-existent.  This is  best early season conditions I've seen in my 12 years of skiing here.  I've talked to long-time locals who say it's the best they've ever seen  So, if you're on your way to Big Sky or Bridger Bowl or some other area from the south or east you should stop at Red Lodge Mountain.  You will not be disappointed.

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Very cool.

Thanks for the report!
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Red Lodge today, photo of Cole Creek area courtesy of Paul Otsu, marketing coordinator.



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awesome you can see my old cabin from up there,, down on that east bench,, missing red lodge in boise today, likely heading that way soon,, Have fun on the Bear pass Bears!

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I learned to ski on this mountain! Special place in my heart. Drainage baby.

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Bump!  9 inches in the last 24 hours, currently snowing with another 8 inches possible today.  I'll be hitting that pow tomorrow. snowfalling.gifyahoo.gif

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Where's the nearest airport?  biggrin.gif

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Billings, Montana is the nearest airport, served by Delta, United and Alaska.  You can also find flights listed for Continental and US Airways but those are actually United flights.  Our son is home from college for Christmas and we hit it yesterday.  The mountain got 22" of new snow and it was glorious.  All the runs we skied were in fabulous condition and skiing in the trees was really amazing.

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Red Lodge has been getting hammered. Im gonna have to make a trip down soon... Does it get pretty busy on the weekends?

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RLM is kinda funny because early in the morning it will seem mobbed but by about 9:30 most people have gone up one of the two lifts that serve the base and things quiet down until lunch.  There are some people who go into the Cole Creek area and stay there pretty much all day.  They might come back out to Midway lodge for lunch but go right back.  When I'm free skiing and the conditions are good, like now, I can and will spend nearly all my time in the Palisades area.  So while it can seem really crowded at the base early and around lunch, the rest of the day lift lines are not bad at all.  The week between Christmas and New Years is the busiest week of the entire season, every day is like a weekend day.  I can't remember exactly or maybe not even close but I think  somewhere around 1600-1800 skiers is the record.  I will check with the marketing director and see if I can get a more precise number.  My advice is try really hard to get to the mountain by 8:30am else you may be parking on the road.

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IMG131 (1).jpgIMG135.jpgIMG143.jpg

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The last photo that Barry posted is in the Kitchen Sink.  Great place to ski trees but you won't find it on the trail maps.  Anybody who comes to RLM and wants to ski it can contact me and I'll give you a tour.

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Yea wish I had your guidance on thursday Gerry, but I found my way in there, and dropped into small meadows hiding in the trees with rollers and pillows..kept the tips up anticipating, and bumping a rock or  a log here or there, but it's starting to cover nicely.  Headwaters was very nice,, knee and thigh deep. Red Lodge Vertical is incredible, and when it was deep enough where you were looking for the steep stuff.  Thanks again to mtcyclist for Sunday's guidance, it made for a better Pow day on thursday.  

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Red Lodge is 45 minutes to an hour south of billings right? How far would he drive be from Bozeman?

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45 minutes would be really pushing it, even just to the town of Red Lodge. 60-75 minutes to town is a safer estimate.  I really have no idea how long it takes to get there from Bozeman.  You can turn off I-90 at either Columbus or Laurel.  Columbus is shorter but it can be a slow drive from Absarokee to Red Lodge.

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hmm... alright, well I'll have to get ahold of you when i head that direction.

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2.5 hours from Bozeman to RLM via Absarokee(Columbus exit.) However, it has been 10 + years  since I have been there.

It always seems that Red Lodge gets hit before the season begins and after the season ends and suffers in between. It also seems that the really good years occur when "all else is bad."

Cole Creek was a great addition but affected the "sidecountry" opportunity.

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 Just to reiterate and detail what the above Bear's mentioned,,Cruise I-90--- 85 mph from bozeman goes pretty quick, take  a right at columbus, right off ramp,, go through town,, till it stops at T turn right,, go past gmc dealer lot on left,,, then left turn at next street across railroad tracks, across bridge (yellowstone river)  , turn left after bridge,, sign will likely say Joliet,, ( road just improved)  crusie 20 some miles,, to hwy 212,, turn right follow it and farms into red lodge,, pass the Lost Village Saloon , on right in Roberts,, also gas and convenience store,, Red Lodge, has IGA grocery just in town on right, liquor on main street, on right, rental shop as soon as you get in on left,, not a great selection of demos to be found there,, better in billings.. I hope to be heading back soon, for groomers, bumps or pow whatever it has to offer is all good at this point,, although my home mountain here in Boise, and McCall, is getting the snow now.roflmao.gif

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Thanks for the update, I'm offically jealous. I was going to be in Laurel in two weeks for work for 3 days, and then would have 3 days off to ski. Unfortunately, my employer is no longer sending me out there. My wife and I may need to make a special trip.

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