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New boots or new skis?

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I've been skiing since I was 7. Now I ski 4-5 days a week during the season. I've been wearing the same boots for about 10 seasons. Right now I feel like I'm at a spot where I'm not improving where I need to... Flexing, agressiveness in my turns, skidding out in turns, edge control.. What's going to help me progress to an even better skier switching and buying new boots or skis?

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Boots are much more important than skis to your progress.  But, only if they are properly fitted to your feet so you need to get them from an experienced and knowledgeable boot fitter, not from some place like Sports Authority.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wiki about fitting, then check the list of fitters for one near you.  If there isn't one listed near you, ask and someone will no doubt be able to recommend someone who is near you.  For years I adopted the "newer ski" approach to improving and it never worked, not even once.  But when I finally got boots that fit my skiing improved almost instantly and rather dramatically. 

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There is no comparison.  Boots.  Without boots that fit you correctly, you can be on the best skis on the planet and you won't be able to extract the maximum performance from them.  It's not even a close call.  Good luck.

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I agree with the above comments.  But if your current boots do fit...then lessons...then skis.


You are far better to buy used skis for $50 and spend the other money on lessons, then buy the latest and greastest ski and just "go for it".

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Properly fitted boots should be your first priority.  Skis matter, but there are plenty of used cheap skis that will work fine with a proper tune.

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Not improving? Ignore the reviews, sale prices, etc. and spend a little extra for a professionally fitted pair of boots. Don't know where you ski, but if you search this site (or just ask) you will get plenty of recommendations for a good fitter.


If your experience is anything like mine, you'll be surprised at how much your old boots were holding you back. After almost 20 years on skis, it was like I acquired a whole new skill set.

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But make sure they are fitted by someone knowledgeable.

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