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havn't skied for 8 years due to both knee and shoulder surgery from industial accident, but am now totally rehabbed and mountain bike and jog regularly.


5'11' 215 lbs size 13 boot, would ski Aspen,Sunlight,Vail,Bachelor and Hood(Oregon). Used to be aggresive intermediate/advanced.


What would you recommend as a used pair of skis and boots to get back into it?


Thank you for your response in advance.







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I would never ever recommend used boots to anyone.  The liners in used boots will be packed out and useless, unless you like having sore very cold feet.  You need new boots fitted to your feet by a boot fitter.  Fortunately there are good fitters in Aspen and Vail and very probably either at Bachelor or Mt Hood.  Do that before you even think about skis.  After you get properly fitting boots I recommend looking for something with an 85-100mm waist.  You might try some demos to see how varying waist sizes handle at these places and also try out rocker, early rise and good old camber skis.  Personally I would probably go for something like a 98mm waist twin tip, camber underfoot and early rise tip to cover all those places.

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Welcome to Epic. Used skis, all good. Try fleabay or better, demos at ski shops. Go for something recent, in the high 80 mm range. Used boots, maybe. If you can find a pair where you like the shells, and they're in decent shape, meaning just a season or two old, you'll get 70-90% depreciation, then just invest in an Intuition or Zipfit liner, and you'll have a premium fit for about third of the cost of a new boot. Also, if you buy the liner at a shop, they'll likely be willing to do work on the shells too. Caveat: You need to know that the shells will be a good fit first. That means either going with what you already know works (brands evolve their lasts, but seldom change dramatically) or far better, try the boots and shells before buying. So ski club sales, that kind of thing is great if you have any nearby. Otherwise, mtcyclist is pretty much right. 

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thank you for your input...I dont buy used shoes so your right I shouldn't buy used ski boots, I really hear good things about the Line Prophet 98's and 100's... the 90's also but less multi-dimensional when it comes to powder. Also the Vokl Mantra, any other name suggestions while looking for skis along the same type of the above mentioned?




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ON3P Wrenegades are made in Oregon and get good reviews.

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