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Sizing Kids Ski Poles

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I'm trying to figure out what size poles to get for my little one when she's ready for them, potentially later this season.  I've consulted various online charts, such a this one, which suggests that a 41-inch kid should have 34-inch poles.  Even if I subtract 3 inches for the pole tips, skis and boots, that leaves a pole that comes to a place only 10 inches below the top of the head.  I'd say that's shoulder height, as opposed to the conventional elbow height.


If I measure my little one from floor to hand held at 90-degrees, which should be the same as the elbow, I get something like 24 inches.  Allowing for tip and such, I think she would fit the smallest poles I can find, 28-inchers at Level 9.  They, however, suggest those poles for kids 31 to 33 inches tall.


I'm stuck in this 6-inch discrepancy between the charts and my measurement.


Is there some conventional wisdom that I missed that says that kids need proportionally longer poles?

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Stand a pole right in front of junior. It should come up to the bottom of his/her sternum (AKA the xiphoid process - thanks Ric Reiter!).

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I got my son these, so I don't have to worry about it (for a while anyways):


and to quote him, "WOW...they have cool eyeballs on them!"


They also make a girls pole (sans eyeballs):




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  Look at Goode Jr pole it is adjustable. 


The JUNIOR EXTREME ADJUSTABLE 10.4 provides 8" of adjustment from 34"/80cm to 42"/105cm. The pole is lengthened and shortened by twisting the upper and lower sections of the pole in opposite directions, quickly and easily. This model features a 10.4mm Composite lower shaft, single density grips, Inter-ChangeTM basket system and is Inter-LocTM Capable. QUICK

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X:  Take her to REI or wherever, stand the pole on its handle, and have her grip under the basket.  If it fits, her elbow will form a 90-degree angle.

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How old is your little one? And, how does he/she ski now? If he/she is way young (say under 6/7yo), unless he/she can rip there is no point to get pole. They will just get in the way.

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Recently made this sign, although it is for older kids/adults (used my son as the model -- had to pay him $5 to get his ski clothes on back in October)...



12 Pole Selection Sign.jpg


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