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Got my skis, now need help with BINDINGS

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Just got myself a pair of the Fischer Watea 98 176cm after demoing a hwole bunch, but now I don't know what to do for bindings. I'm mostly an aggressive carver, but got these for when I go out west. No huge cliffs or crazy jumps in my future, just planning to ski the trees and bumps pretty hard. Any suggestions? I am about 5'8", 185, so please recommend a DIN range as well if you can.

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Salomon Z12 ti bindings. These bindings are 3mm delta between heel and toe for a great balance point fore and aft. They are up to 12 din which should be plenty...my guess is you are between 8-9

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Marker griffon or jesters. Really light weight binding and will compliment those light skis.
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It should be the Griffon, or STH12 ( better toe than the Z12 ),as well.

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Agree with Backroom.  The Z12 binding is more appropriate for a lightweight, less-demanding skier.  The construction is not as robust as the Griffon or STH 12 with the Driver toe.

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If the STH performs better than the Z12, I would definitely make the step up since the weight difference seems negligible. Jester is a bit more than I need to spend, but Griffon is a definite possibility. Aside from durability, does the Squire match in terms of feel? How about the Axial2?

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Agreed on durabilty etc of aforementioned bindings compared to the z12...just be prepared to put anywhere from a 2mm to 4mm shim under the toe piece of the others due to high ramp of those bindings. This differential will have every bit as much impact on a ski as a mediocre tune not to mention excessive quad burning at the end of the day..

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Z12's break, if you're planning to ski bumps and trees you need something with elasticity. Griffons are light, but throwback design. Tyrolia Peak/Head Mojo 15's are fairly light, very well made, tend to be cheap online. Look PX's are even better for elasticity, very reliable, also can be had cheap. Both of the latter have full upward toe release, which can be useful for backwards twisting falls that can happen in bumps.

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We can't determine your DIN without your BSL.  That's the measurement in millimeters on the outside near the heel of your boot.


I believe that Fischer doubles the factory warranty for skis mounted with Fischer (i.e., Tyrolia, and also branded as Head) bindings.  I also tend to favor them anyway, because they're generally well priced for the quality.  I would suggest a 13, 14, or 15 top DIN, because that gives you the Aero (race construction) toe, but will still provide a large range of options.

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When in doubt get Look PX. Bomber binding.
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