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Crooked binding mount at REI

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So I puchased a pair of Fischer CR classic skis for my girlfriend online and brought them into REI to mount the bindings.  They unfortunately came back to me slightly crooked and off center.  Now I should preface the fact that I live in an area where we do not have a local ski shop that typically deals with cross country ski gear and REI does not stock either the bindings or the skis that I purchased (it is not listed on their website either).  One ski's binding is straight but a couple millimeters off center, and the other binding is a few millimeters crooked.  


Now I would be ok with REI attempting to plug the holes and straighten the binding if the ski's core wasn't mostly air.  My question to the community is: What do you think REI should do to correct this mistake?


We're aiming for my girlfriend's first Birkie this upcoming February and I'd like her to have a decent set of skis.  I've read a previous post about REI mounting bindings on what I assume was a pair of telemark skis, but in this case we're talking about a lower end but still pretty nice pair of racing classic skis.  I'm in no rush at the moment as we don't have snow just yet and I am taking the skis back to REI tomorrow, any input and opinions are welcome.

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Is it possible for you to post pics.  Its possible that the mount is not off enough to make a difference. 

Its also possible that REI may need to rectify it for you some how.


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I'll try to post pics when I get home.  But I mean it is 3 mm crooked (seems as though the back of the binding is centered and the front is 3mm off) on one ski and the other ski is about 3mm off center.  

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Waiting on the pics, but while we're waiting, let's review:  What did you learn?  

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^^^^ Let's all repeat in unison: "The mounting template at REI is made by throwing darts." And I've been a member for coupla decades, think they're fine place. Just not where you get skis mounted, even if you bought them there.


Post pics. Show a mm caliper reading. If what you claim:


As TC says, they need to rectify this. Personally, I'd hold out for a new pair of skis; they can't redrill that close to the old holes, and the kind of error you describe - not being too far forward or back, but actually being off diagonally 3 mm - will significantly change a ski's performance. It may also make the binding fail to function correctly, which is serious. 


If they refuse, strong action is warranted. 

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What REI did you get them mounted at?


If you take them in and tell them whats going on they should make it right. If the mount is off enough to affect the performance of the ski they will most likely replace the skis for you. Thats what we would do at my shop.


Disclaimer, I work at an REI shop, but do no represent REI

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These are XC skis right? Seems like they are so light I wonder how it would take a second mount.

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Tromano, they won't take a 2nd mount even if they used epoxy.  Many of the skis these days are constructed like corrugated cardboard, so a decent bit of the inside is just air.  In either case the new mount location would be a few millimeters from the current mount location.



Everyone else, thanks for the input I need to take these to work tomorrow so I have access to a micrometer.

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