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Whitewater, British Columbia - Opening Day - Dec 3, 2011 - Pictures

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Whitewater had adequate snow to open for a "sneak peek" weekend one week before their "official" December 9 opening date.


Even though it had been several days since the last snowfall, the settled base stood at 58" (147cm), which isn't too bad for opening day and much better than the WROD available at many other areas on opening day. All of the front side was open, and there was even a bit of powder (6-8 inches) to be had. All of the pictures are a little dark to show the tracks and give a better idea of the snow conditions.




Having the first run of the season be a nice cruise through boot-deep powder is nothing to complain about!


Caution was required, as Whitewater has many rocks that are more than 58" high, and some of the tree runs still have stumps, holes, and logs. Driving your skis under a log clearly falls into the category of Things You Never Want to Do. In general, the skiing was very good to excellent.


111203 Diamond Glade.jpg


Yes, terrain like this was open. No rope ducking required.


The weather was cloudy, but just slightly below freezing, with little to no wind and the occasional snowflake in the air. Now and then, the sun poked through:


111203Cloud Break.jpg


Since the front side of Whitewater is served by two rather elderly fixed-grip double chairlifts, the lift lines could stretch out to 15 minutes or so, particularly on the Summit chair. The smaller Silver King chair had shorter lines, and, believe it or not, this is the line shortly before opening at about 8:45:


111203 Liftline.jpg


There was plenty of room on the available terrain. I skied alone most of the day.


All-in-all, a great day. I can still stand up on my skis (sort of), I found a little powder and lots of crud, and it exposed how little exercise I've gotten lately.


To close, a shot down the valley where the access road is (and yes, the trees in the foreground are open for skiing):


111203 Down Valley.jpg

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Not so bad, eh?


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Not bad at all.

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Nice, hope to get there this season.


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Looks pretty good John glad you had a nice day.  Will be up right after Christmas to go cat skiing and Maybe? Whitewater if I have any legs left.

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I really got to go back to Whitewater.

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