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Needing some advice!

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First off, I am a four day a year skier even though I'm dying to go more. My buddies and I can usually be found anywhere on the mountain from the bumps, trees, and double diamonds. Also I love hitting jumps no matter the size! I do not typically ski a lot of powder. I'm 6' and about 185 for what it's worth.


In the offseason I bought a pair of Head I.xrc 1200's 177's with Tyrolia Freeflex d+8 bindings on them. For the most part they are in good shape, although the top sheet does have some chunks out of it.

First off does anyone still have these? If so do you like them and are they going to be well suited for me?


Secondly, does anyone have a site with some literature on the bindings? I need to adjust them out to set them up for my boots. 


Thirdy, is there any reason to be concerned about the damage to the top sheet? Is there something I should do for them?

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I do not know your skis or bindings, but if the chunks in your topsheet are deep, ie goes through the sheet itself and into whatever material lies under, I'd make sure to waterproof it, with eg epoxy ( others may know a better material for this). If you have a wood core you don't want that to rot. If it's just cosmetic I wouldn't bother.

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