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Gore, Whiteface or ??? Dec. 17 & 18

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Planning on leaving Detroit and heading east for a weekend. Looking for advice on Gore vs Whiteface or other ideas, lodging suggestions and apres ski info as well since snow will probably be marginal


Thanks for any advice !!!

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The Northeast has really been struggling to get started.  Warm today (40s) and rain for early this week.  Unless things change pretty quickly, there's not going to be much terrain at either Gore or Whiteface open.  Killington is about the only resort that has been surviving in this crazy weather.  They have been able to stay open since opening at the end of October.  Crowds there have been awful on weekends however since they are about the only game in town.

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Ditto on the snow.... but who know the future? In terms of lodging, eating, etc. Whiteface clearly has a lot more of everything. Lake Placid has all sorts of hotels from the strato deluxe (the Point), to deluxe (Lake Placid Lodge), to merely excellent (Mirror Lake Inn), to all of the major brands (Marriott, Hilton), to pretty good and very close (Hungry Trout) plus a variety of other I haven't stayed at. There are some good dining spots and lots to chose from as well as a good brewpub (Lake Placid something or other) and an interesting town.

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The weather is changing.  You will be OK at Gore or Whiteface.  There will not be a lot open, but this you know.  

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+1 on Whiteface or K-mart

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+1 for Whiteface. As vsirin above said, it's not only skiing - there is much more to find at Lake Placid and surroundings. Renting gear prior to getting to the mountain is probably a good idea as Whiteface entrance has always been packed with people buying tickets and renting skis. Couple of ski stores I've been to:


Maui North is located right on the main street - nice shop with tons of gear. Bought myself new ski pants and jacket for my wife on sale late in last season. I think I saw a section in a back where they rent skis out.


Placid Planet Bicycles is on Saranac Ave. Smaller shop then the one above. These guys definitely rent skis as I've seen people renting and returning skis. I've been there late in the season so can't comment on how much ski gear they have - their selection at the time of my visit was rather small, but that might be because they already started loading store with bicycle gear.

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Odds are, Vermont will more likely have fresh snow vs. New York.  I'd pick Vt. Killington or Sugarbush.  If there's natural snow - then Sugarbush.

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If you are flying into Albany then I wold go with Killington.  It's farther than Gore and closer than Whiteface and will have more terrain open because they have more snow making muscle.  There may well be some storms before then but if not stick with K.

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