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Tell us about a big wipe out you had

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Tell us about a big wipe out you had in your life time of skiing.


Can be a funny tale or something serious.


Or even if it something you witness someone else experience tell us a story.


One story i have when downhill skiing when we were in grade 5, so like 9 years old, buddy of mine went to ski in closed area. hill looked like it had tonnes of snow, when he ski down a bit realized it was all ice.


he was petrified to even ski the thing, frozen stiff with fear


so ski patrol told him, to dump his skis and slide down.


to which he did. 


He went face first down the hill, in a big snow ball, 


all then he spun around and all his equipment went flying every where


too funny


now your turn

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I got a real good one! I fell.

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I was racing a club series Super G a few years back at Northstar at Tahoe.  I went into a shadowed area and did not see the compression.  While in my tuck, my knees slammed my chest, then my legs dropped from underneath me.  I ended up catching an edge and tumbled and slid a good 100 plus feet.  To top it off, my body stopped right in front of the gatekeeper.


I guess any crash that one can walk away from is a good one.



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Hit a tree, woke up 2 hours later with blood on the ground from a gash on my head. Now I wear a helmet all the time.

Another time doing some high speed carving (faster than my ability level) lost control and my right got pulled off my boot very violently. Couldn't put weight on my leg for a week without horrible pain. Took a good 2 month before it got better. It was a short ski season.
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A picture is worth a thousand words.....


Lots of spectacular crashes in my career but this is the only one captured on "film".


My finish at a Super G race.


super g crash-pat moore.JPG

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Nice crash -- looks like your leg is broken.

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Skiing at Steamboat the very first day they opened Pioneer Ridge.  Freshly groomed run.  I hit a buried rock at pretty high speed and the skis just stopped.  I ejected and did a Superman-flying move -- full horizontal extension, with my arms outstretched.  My kids, who were pulled over on the side, were in awe.


Except for the snow up my sinuses, I was fine.  My skis, however, had huge gashes so deep they actually no longer slid on the snow. 

Resort finally repaired them gratis when a patrolman who'd seen it intervened on my behalf.

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I tumbled down a short steep pitch called, uh... well, my head is still kinda fuzzy on that one. Cylone or Tumbleweed hill maybe? (Edit - Cartwheel hill, aptly named) It's only a hundred meters long and maybe 40 degrees but deep in powder and I was on narrow skis. Tumbled, lost a ski and spent 45 minutes digging for it. Finally found ski and was completely frazzled after that.   Note to self: install powder cords...


I conquered it last season though...


Got hit by snowboarders and went flying - twice. That count?





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I was skiing early season at Breck on Tom's, a steep run off of Peak 8.  I took a tumbler head first down the hill and rag dolled.  Every revolution I could see that I was approaching a tree with a considerable amount of velocity.  I was convinced it was not going to end well.  I came to a rest 20 yards below the tree, and was so pumped that I jumped to my feet, threw my fist in the air, and hollered "YES!"  The ski instructor and my classmates thought I was pretty weird.


Next ride on the chairlift, I tore my MCL.  But that's another story.



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Originally Posted by MidwestPete View Post

Nice crash -- looks like your leg is broken.

Nope.  Plenty of injuries on other occasions but I emerged unscathed, albeit a bit embarrassed, on this particular crash.


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My first one would be when I was skiing with a few friends in Ski Club in High School at Jackson Hole.  So I was maybe 16-17 at the time.  It was a fairly compact little valley in the trees with a jump at the bottom followed by, which I didn't know at the time, a fairly quick 90 degree turn to continue on the path.  If you didn't make the turn it lead to what must have been a warm water stream because there was about 3 feet of snow over a 3 foot wide gap leading to this little stream.  So I went down, hit the jump, didn't get turned quickly enough and ended up laying across this deep hole with the stream under me.  At least the snow there was pretty firm, I was able to pull myself back across without ending up in the water.


The next one I don't have much of a story for because I have no idea what happened.  I left my brother and mom sometime before lunch to ski on my own because they didn't want to do anything interesting.  Was the last year of HS.  The next thing I remember I was waking up on the side of the hill, at a little after 4pm.  It seemed like a fairly easy blue run I was on and I have no idea what happened, but there was a log burried under the snow right where I got up, and the last 1/2" of one of my skies was broken off.  I go up and skied down to the lift, where they informed me this one had been closed for 10-15 minutes, and just to be safe they loaded me into a sled and took me down.  Given the trail and the broken ski, I'm assuming I had some other spectacular crash earlier in the day that I simply don't remember and had something else happen again at the end of the day on that easier run.


Nothing else interesting in the last 10 years though, probably mostly because I haven't got to go all that much for many of those intervening years.

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