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Cold weather helmet

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I'm looking for recommendations for a helmet for cold days (highs on the single digits at most, and plenty of wind).  I would prefer one that has the shell over the ears as opposed to the removable soft ear pads. I know fit is the most important element, but I wanted to get some ideas for what to try.  I had a Boeri several years back that I really liked, but I can't seem to find any stores that carry them any more.  

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My daughter has a POC that looks much better than my Giro upgraded bicycle helmet.  I will be getting a POC or similar when it is time to upgrade. 

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FWIW, I have heard great things about POC from those who wear them, but when I tried several different POC styles on, they didn't fit my head shape. 

That being said, the Smith Vantage didn't fit me either, and I ended up with the Giro Seam (neither of these have hard ears)


I'll keep my eyes open for something with hard ears and post if I find something.  Good Luck!


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I'm using a Dainese helmet and am really happy with it.


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My Giro G10. I ski it with all the vents open. All winter. Just sayin'.

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Where did you get that?  I'll be buying in Stowe, so I figured it was worth asking.

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I got mine from Edgewise. Not sure he is selling Dainese this year though.

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I've been using a Smith Variant Brim helmet ( and like it a lot.  I definitely recommend Smith helmets and goggles too (  I also recently added a UClear Helmet Communicator HBC120 ( to my head gear and am really enjoying it thus far.  If you're in the market for one, it's great because it's multi-functional and uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone so you can listen to music, talk on the phone, and use the intercom function to talk to your friends while out on the slopes like a walkie-talkie.  I recently started working with a company that works with them and their products are pretty stellar.  Good luck!

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Originally Posted by hrspear View Post

Where did you get that?  I'll be buying in Stowe, so I figured it was worth asking.

edgewise does sale POC and Shred.


Skiershop has giro and smith

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Are you using anything under the helmet for added warmth?  I ski a Smith Variant (adjustable vents and soft eared both), in everything from 0F to spring sun.  I haven't found the helmet to be lacking warmth in any conditions myself - assuming I dress accordingly.  I can use a thin or medium balaclava under the helmet, or nothing at all in warmer conditions, as there is an easy adjustment at the rear to either give a bit more room, or to really snug things down tight.  I actually have more trouble with my gloves and pants getting cold than I do with the helmet. looks to be down, and I'm not really finding much online pertaining to current dealers.  Snowshack shows two models, but neither appear to be quite what you're after I'm guessing.  Maybe try contacting them directly?  I'm not sure how current this info might be:


Boeri USA Inc

12 S Park Street

Cambridge, NY 12816-1224


Phone: (518) 677-2638


Or just ask these guys! (LOVED these ads in the 90's!):




The Dainese stuff looks very cool - but I'd almost think your skis should then be powered with a 3000cc V-twin.  ;)  I found their helmet catalog here:


Hope that some of this is helpful.





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I use a Under Armour Cold Gear Hood under my Smith Vantage to wick any moisture away from my head and out my back vents, because we all know moisture is the enemy. My head is never cold, even when it -25c and windy.

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