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2 piece SL suits

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Does anyone know which manufacturers make a 2 piece SL race suit? I noticed a couple of guys in one of our masters races last winter with what looked like Goldwin Swedish team 2 piece suits and wondered if any other brands make similar kit. It seems like a good idea but am I missing something here? Are there any reasons why it is a bad idea?

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They don't make these anymore and those suits weren't SL , but most likelyGS.....Spyder had some 2 pcs. suit for team USA in SLC 9n 2002...


Also last year Reliable Racing had this: Looks like it was sold out.....

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Try fuxi racing
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Yep, I just got a Fuxi two piece, and they are really nice. If you contact FuxiRacing, they can help you with sizing...I take a different size for the top than from the bottom...

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Try fuxi racing


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I have a two piece Descente slalom suit.  Excellent quality.  I'm not sure what they make currently, though.

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Thanks for the info so far. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out now that I know there are some options out there. I had not thought about the possibilty of getting a different size top than the bottm. This is a great idea. It also occurs to me that it may be a little easier to waer a few more warmer layers  without the difficulty of it all moving around as you struggle to get a 1 piece on--not to mention the lonely ten minute struggle in the car park to get the thing off before drivng off the mountain. Thanks again.

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Here's a pic of my old two-piece slalom suit (pant discoloration is from shin pads).  I prefer the functionality of the two-piece style compared to my one piece GS or downhill suits.  If you can find one, my advice is to get it.


nat. team slalom suit

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Phenix made them too!

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some things just go full circle.....


My descente 2 piece suit from 1977 (recycled from 1976 British team)


ray descente.jpg

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