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Dalbello boots.....

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I've been searching for new boots to retire my 3 year old Rossi Course KX's. So I ve been shopping around, and tried on a bunch of boots:
Rossi Race 1/Race 1 Pro
Rossi Bandit XXX
Lange L10/ L10 Race
Salomon Course (the red ones)
Salomon XWave 10.0
Head World Cup Ti 103mm
Nordica dobermann
Atomic 10.50
Dalbello PRX Comp

I narrowed it down to the atomics, Heads and the dalbello due to the best fit and flex for me, and although not as well known (the do no advertising over here at all) I choose the dalbello and here is why...

Number one reason, Tru fit Zip fit comp liner. The boot is a good snug fit for me, and the top shelf moldable liner cant be beat!

Number two, Good progressive flex, make sure the boot it set to 'hard' if you are looking for performance, I would say the flew was about equal with the atomics, heads, and the Rossis, and the L10, it seemed a little stiffer then the Xwave 10, but not as stiff as the Dobermanns, L10 Race, or the Course boots, all of which have are very stiff, I weigh 225 - 230, and I could flex them, but On anything other then hardback they just felt like they would be too abusive on the shins.

Number three, Price!!... I got these 2002 models for $350, and although I got a good deal you should not have to pay more then 400 for them.

Number 4, Translucent orange shell so everbody can see my smelly liners!

So if your looking for boots, try them before you turn up your nose and say anyboot that cheap must be junk, instead think No advertising = lower price, save the money and buy some beer [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I had a pair of Dalbello boots and I really liked them. They were'nt the stiffest boots in the world, but they were comfy and they did'nt appear to limit my skiing. I was'nt racing, just freeskiing. And I used the money I saved to buy a few lift tickets and some beer. That made them even better.
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Like Flounder I went with Dalbello boots. After trying on many different boots it came down to Head X100 Superheat3 or FR10 Superheat3 and the Dalbello CRX Diablo. I went with the CRX Diablo (probably a boot alot of people don't know about. Only 3 dealers in New England carry it)for many of the same reasons. TruFit ZipFit high density liner,adjustable forward lean, adjustable ramp angle, 2 position flex adjustment and ski/walk setting, a great floating ankle area buckle that really holds down your heel. They fit better than the Head boots for me on the outside of my forefoot where the Dalbellos had a flexible expansion panel also, nice and snug everywhere else. ALSO they come in that GREAT translucent Mellon/Orange color that goes really nice with my Atomic Beta Ride 9.22s from 00/01. Now even with all the adjustments etc. this is a middle to high end boot and you will probably only find it at speciality shops that carry high end Dalbello boots.(Flounder where did you get your Comps because thats THE top Dalbello? and I noticed your from Quincy MA. I'm form Medfield MA.)
Just a note on the Head boots. These were just beautiful boots, Especially the FR10 Superheat3 boot. I would say out of all the boots I looked at they were the BEST designed and engineered. Really really nice boots if they fit your feet, the Dalbellos just fit ME better and I do like the adjustability and love the color.(thats important right?)
I got mine from Elite Ski and Racquet in Farmington CT.
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When Ott got a pair for his wife I called around Portland for mine. The strange feedback I got from the dealer was that they were not a good boot and had to recall the 2001 series because of breakage. He said 'don't buy them.' Very strange.
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Jeff, J...

Here is the name and address of the place where I got them, if you go there ask for Ray, he is the owner and a real good guy...

enjoy the boots, and pray for snow!

Country Ski and Sport Inc
161 Quincy Avenue, Quincy, MA 02169
(617) 773-3993
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Ryel that sounds like your talking about the Dalbello SGS boot with the cantable sole. I believe these were recalled. Totally different boot based on the PRX shell not the CRX shell of the Diablo.(last year I think it was called the Fusion Pro Custom..the Diablo that is)My wife also got a pair of Dalbello CRX Impulse ladies boots which was one step down from the Diablo so if there were problems with these boots I'd like to hear. I think your dealer like most Dalbello dealers I spoke with don't know what these are and carry only price point level Dalbellos because they don't have the big name like Salomon, Atomic, Nordica etc. and arn't thought of as a preformance boot.
Flounder I've been in that shop and they seemed very nice, but they would have had to special order my boot and I really needed to go to a shop where I could go between a 26 and 27 shell for fitting.(went with the 27)

Just hope it snows soon, but did ski on Thaksgiving day with the family at Bretton Woods with some not bad conditions. Went over to Sunday River first but alot of people complaining about conditions and this was no place for my wife and 3 young kids at this time of season. Later yes.
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