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Amusing stories you said in lift

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Just a fun forum


When riding up on a Chairlift of Gondola and you are sharing with complete strangers


what are some of the fun things you have said to start a conversation?


Anything shocking you said just for amusement?


like to hear stories.

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I used the Steve Martin joke once with a girl on a lift in the '80's.  "Yeah, I just got out of prison.  Why was I in there?  I pushed a perfect stranger off a chair lift".  She was not amused.

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I have used this one several times to start a conversation with both men and women.  If their skis and boots happen to match their ski outfit, I will ask them, "Just wondering, but did you buy your skis to match your outfit, or your outfit to match your skis?"  As I am usually color co-ordinated down to my underwear and socks, when they look at me, and see that, they know I am just joshing and we usually have a laugh and talk about skis on the way up, or that great buy on a parka or pant I just found at TJ Maxx.


Rick G

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Couple years ago in Stowe someone took my poles, which had left leaning near the door of the lodge that's under the gondola.  Now,these are crappy cheap aluminum poles, and one of the baskets has a piece taken out of it. But they left me their even worse, mismatched pair.


So I walked around the racks and found my poles and took them back, and left them their mismatched poles.


When my wife and I got on the gondola a couple rides later there was an older (60'ish) man and woman riding with us...and I see he has those nice mismatched poles.  So I whispered to my wife about the poles, and then we start talking very clearly and out loud saying that I am shocked that someone tried to steal my poles, who would do such a thing, I'm glad I got my poles back...etc.  The other couple was stone silent the whole ride up. 


We got a good laugh out of it.  To be (somewhat) fair, I did leave my poles with my wife's near the door - without skis - so he might have thought they were abandoned.


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far and away the best. I'm riding up with a guy in his late 40's, tall, Katana's, nice subdued attire, nice looking. We talked about the snow.


Him: snow is pretty heavy

me:  yeah.

him: It's mashed potatoes.

me:  no, it's too cold for that, maybe crud, I wouldn't really call it "mashed potatoes".

him: It's KY Jelly.

me:  uhhhh......

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Skiing Squaw on a storm day a couple years ago, and they start Headwall unexpectedly. We catch the third or fourth chair out, my friend, myself, a mid 20's local couple along with two tourists. So we are about half way up the hill and my buddy and I are plotting our attack on the numerous, untouched powder lines, in front of us. The man of the couple asks his girlfriend where she is going to ski. She points at a run called the Slot and she says for the whole chair to hear, "I'm going to ski that line like a dirty whore." My friend and I start to laugh, the tourists are looking at her with a combination of shock and amusement, the boyfriend says proudly, "That's my girlfriend!" Some of things you hear on chairlifts.

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