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Utah Ski Schools

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Howdy All,

I'm making my first ski trip to Utah this Christmas break. I plan on staying in the city and trying out several different ski areas. I'm looking to take a lesson and I'm in need of some recommendations for the ski areas with the best schools (value and quality). In particular, I'm looking for small group lessons for an advanced skier and for an intermediate skier. I've perused the lift area's websites but I've only found generic information. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Looking at your requirements, I would say any current PSIA L3 Certified Instructor at any of the Utah/Intermountain Schools will meet or exceed your expectations. All are great mtn guides at their respective resorts.


I would recommend if you want to work on technical ski skills to try and stay with one instructor if doing multiple lesson days.


As far as "Best Schools" all schools in the Intermountain area are excellent. The difference is more attitude; LCC, BCC have Big Mtn experiences, Wasatch Back is family/resort, North Wasatch is outbacky/Big Mtn.

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