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" The instructor I was skiing with also said I was over my boots how I should be. I dunno. I wish I could get somebody to take video of me but all I have is a pov video."


Okay, that being said, you are on a ski that is big and advanced,  sell them.  

Lots of other ski's out there to choose from.  A powder ski you may like and will probably have an easier time on would be the Line Prophet 90 or the 100, but whatever you demo, try something in the mid to low 180's.    I love the gotama's and the Prophets and the.....   lots of great ski's out there just go shorter than 188 IMHO.    

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Don't sell your skis.  Trade them with someone who didn't buy enough ski.  Put an add up here, and on Kajiji (sp?) and everywhere else, explaining that you bought too much ski for your ability, and list the skis for which you would be willing to trade.

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Were the other guys you were with also the same size as you?  I have a bit of tonnage on you, but greater apes like us don't float the same as the elven lightweights out there.


You have several things at play, here, only one of which may be "fixed" by shorter skis... 1). New terrain- always going to take some time to adapt to. 2). New snow conditions- likewise, will take some time to learn to ski varied snow with confidence. 3). New season- always take some time early season to get back into your groove 4). New length- you are used to short skis.  Skiing longer skis will take some time to get used to.  No way around that other than time on the horse.  Going shorter will help you now, but you will find an advantage later if you take the time now to get used to the skis you have.


So, what to do?  You've heard it already.  Take a lesson, or 5. Take your time pushing terrain you aren't used to.  Start in terrain and conditions you can manage, and work on technique there.  Then add terrain and conditions that push your comfort zone gradually.  You will get there.


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Cereal83, It would be fun to meet up with you and ski someday. 

I get the idea that you're someone who really wants to have fun and get better.  Not to mention the fact that you took a lot of grief and still came out with the positives.  

Good vibes!!

Originally Posted by cereal83 View Post

Hey all,
Thanks again for the comments.
I have a short list of items to work on and one thing is poles. I used to fairly good at them but it seems over time of not doing lessons I have forgotten or slacked in doing properly. Keeping them up is a good start and I will do that.
I went tonight to do some night skiing however it doesn't start till next week so I only got 2 turns in. What I was practicing was not twisting but when I wanted to turn, I would reach down and try to touch my knee which would in turn roll my knees for me and begin the turn for me. I was doing this for a both runs and was going to try some other stuff but I couldn't get back up the lift.
I talked to my sister about the lessons we had and what we were thought and it seems like I was always thought to ski with twisting the legs as she didn't know how else your suppose to turn. I remember at Whistler, for the lessons, they told us when we wanted to turn in powder, you first jump and then twist your legs and you will turn. I took lessons at every hill I went to also all around North America and Europe so it's not like I had the same instructor who didn't know anything.
As for stance, I always remember as a kid, the "experts" could ski with their feet touching eachother and would never seperate like they binding were mounted on a snowboard. They always said this was perfect form and what one should try to achieve. I will try a few different stances and see what works best for me.
As for new ski. I have held off for this week as I am not sure what to get. I went to a new store today and they suggested a Salomon Twenty Twelve which seems to be a park ski and said I should stay away from the S7 as it is a dedicated backcountry ski. I am gonna see what I can find used at my favorite store which has the DPS 112RP and S7 and a few other skis screaming my name but I think I should go skinnier then 100mm waist and around 178cm long. I am thinking of keeping my Gotamas also but who knows.
Thanks all again. I am surprised this is now 5 pages long with so many positive comments and recommendations. It does help me out a great deal but also leaves me confused with which advice to take and which not to take.


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Originally Posted by cereal83 View Post

No i am not joking. My last ski was 168cm long and 72mm wide while I was 270 pounds and I had no issues with that but that was at Mont Tremblant. Now I am skiing Panorama and Kicking Horse in British Columbia mostly. Also if you read up, some people are suggesting 175 and around 90mm waist.
I can get the ski in a 187 but I think it won't be much different then my current 194 Goat's

Cereal, we get that you were on a 168 ski, but at your size with the proper technique, your present goats are fine.  Do yourself a favor and back away from buying new skis for awhile. Have you looked on Gear Swap at TGR? Go to look through about the most recent 5 pages to get a feel for what is being sold and prices.  If you want to read reviews on different skis go to scroll down through the different manufacturers and copy and past the link for the review you want to read.  I would keep your present skis, but pick up a pair or two of other used skis to see what you think.  I don't demo, as the skis I want are rarely available on demos, but I do buy 2-4 pairs of skis a season. Maybe 1-2 pairs are new skis and the others are used. I am continuely updating my quiver based on my skill progression (and I am a gear whore).  It is easy to resell skis here or on TGR.  So chill out, do some research on your own and buy some used skis based on what you think sounds good to you. If they work, great.  If not, just resell them and a small loss which is pretty equal to a demo fee.  It is wacky to go buy some Blizzards for $800 IMO, when there are lots of good used skis for $300-$400.  Just slow down and do some research.


I am 5'10" and with all my gear on, likely close to 220lbs. I ride skis between 178 and 196 depending on conditions. On hard snow a 180 ski can work for you, but if you want any kind of float in powder you will need a wide and long ski, so just accept it is nice to have a 2-4 pair quiver.  Would a golfer go out with 3 sticks in his bag?  Maybe, but it isn't very easy to do well.  So look into expanding your quiver and for Gods sake, take some lessons.  I have found the semi private (2-3 people) for 3-4 hours to give me the best bang for my buck.  And remember to tip the instructorwink.gif  Have a great winter.


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Hey all,

Just a quick comment about today and my experience. I gotta go shopping before it closes so I will come back and respond to the messages.

I thought my lesson was this week but it's next week so I went to demo some skis. I wanted to try the S7 but it was rented out for the week so I took the S3 in a 186, Rossi Experience 83 and 98 and the Solomon Twenty Twelve.

I had a pre determined path which took me from groomers to ice to soft snow then to waist deep old pow that wasn't fresh and also a run with bumps and trees. I would do this twice with each ski.

S3 @ 186 - Honestly, the best ski I have ever skied on. I have no complaints about it. I saw the ski was super soft but it didn't continually slap the snow when I was bombing it on the groomers like the Gotama. It was weak in the ice but on groomed it did good and it loved it in the powder, could handle bumps and trees no problem. I could also go as fast as was safe for me and had no problems.

Experience 83 @184 I believe - Skied very well on groomed and ice but in the soft snow it wasn't very good for me at all and if I was going to stay on the groomed runs, then I would prob go with a ski like this as they are fairly cheap. Didn't make me jump in my boots like the S3.

Experience 98 @ 186 I believe - Skied like the Exp 83 except did a little better in boot high powder however didn't get my mojo moving.

Twenty Twelve @ 186 I believe - Skied better then the S3 on groomers and Ice however in the soft snow it was not as good. Guy at the shop said this was a much better ski all around then the S3 but I told him it's a park ski and he was like yeah but it doesn't have to be. I liked it but meh, didn't excite me.

So after the 2012, I went back and got the S3 and skied the rest of the day with them. Usually I leave the mountain at 1-2pm because I am so frustrated with my ski but today I skied right until closing. I didn't want to stop skiing. I finally had the confidence to go in the tree's and bumps and into the "side mountain" which is avalanche and patrolled back country part of the hill. I asked a few people where the deepest snow was and went there. I had so much fun in there even though my technique is not perfect. I had some troubles turning in the deep and did fall but it was fun. I got back up and tried it again and again. I skied the whole mountain without issue (except on ice) and just had a great day. I was finally also going off rocks in the pow and getting some air which I always loved to do. One time I landed and the skis just stayed there and I went flying face first into the powder. Good times.

So after today, it seems like I might have found a new ski. I really wanna try the S7 but the S3 is cheaper and I believe better when there isn't fresh snow like today. Another thing I noticed is I am not sore at all. Usually my quads and calfs are killing but today nothing like that. It also wasn't a pain do turn any of the skis I tried.

Also I feel the way I turn is getting alot better. I wasn't twisting my feet and doing it properly. I also practiced pole planting and better controlling my speed when carving on the groomers. All in all it was the best day of skiing I have had in like 4-5 years. I wanna buy the ski now but gotta try the S7 first.

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Another satisfied customer. Keep focusing on the correct movements,mo'better.

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Oh yeah ... Short video
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Thanks, Cereal83.  Just added that to my "short list" for demo day.  

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I have seen lots of S3's and some S7's on gear swap at TGR. Do a WTB post and see what you can get to save a few hundred +.

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What's the soft white substance that isn't packed tightly into the ground?  Living in California so far this season I'm unfamiliar with it.

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Experience 98 @ 186 I believe - Skied like the Exp 83 except did a little better in boot high powder however didn't get my mojo moving.


The E98 isn't a good choice for your current ability level. Glad you like the S3. Much more forgiving and seems like it'd be pretty ideal for getting you up the learning curve! Have at it and most importantly, have fun!

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