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Whistler-Blackcomb - Which village to stay? Selecting from VRBO.com

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Four of us in our 30's are leaving Chicago for Whistler in mid January.  We want a vacation rental on VRBO.com but are not sure where to stay. Looking for something with a bit of sophistication, near the lifts and hustle and bustle to take in the atmosphere.  Any recommendations?  Thanks!

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I would not worry about where you stay in order to take in the village life. There are lots of local transit options. I would look for as short walk as possible to hit any of the base lifts. Or ski in ski out. Walking in boots and packing your skis from one end of the village to the other can be a bit of a pain. I usually stay at creekside because I prefer that sides ski out at the end of day and now with the peak to peak gondola it's easy to do both mountains in the same day no matter where you are based.  

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I have stayed at the Woodrun which is at the base of Blackcomb Mtn and would highly recommend it.  It is ski in/ski out, located a few hundred yards above the base.  Has a good pool/jacuzzi area.  I wouldn't say it is sophisticated, however.  It is really good if you want to get on the slopes fast and easily without walking.

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I would also check Allura.com which is a big owner direct website for Whistler.Also, if you want to be near all the hub bub, I would look at the main village as opposed to upper village where Woodrun is. it's not difficult to get from anywhere in Whistler to hub bub, but fi you stay in main village, you can just walk out your door and be in the action as opposed to taking a bus or a long walk. personally I like the upper village because it's not in the middle of all the action, but each to his own.  

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We stayed at the Pan Pacific (Village Center) this summer when I went skiing. It is probably right between the 2 base areas. I doubt the place is more than 2 or 3 years old -- very nice hotel!







View from the balcony.







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I usually stay at Hilton Whistler which is right in where the action is.


I'd hate to have to go up / back to Creekside, or the upper village - if it's your first trip stay in the lower village, so after a hard day of skiing you can walk back to your place, grab a shower, then walk out/back to the restaurants  / bars, then stagger back to your place for another day.


Transporting yourself around, waiting for busses and whatnot is the last thing you want to be doing when you've got a great village to enjoy.


Next week I'm going to stay at my buddies house because, well, it's free!

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I always stay in the main village, not the upper village or Creekside.  I've stayed at the pan pacific village center a couple of times.  It may be the nicest and newest hotel in the village and includes a great breakfast buffet, but I prefer the pan pacific mountainside because of the location. It is right next to the gondolas and almost as nice as Village Center.  The Hilton is also ok, but not as nice as the pan Pacifics.  Sundial is a cheaper alternative with less services, but still close.  Look into the Powders Edge time shares if you want the absolute closest to the whistler gondola. No hotel services and a little dated, but steps from the gondola.  I have stayed in all of these and would go back to each one. Lots of other less expensive choices just a little further away but never stayed myself. Bottom line is if you want the full Whistler experience, stay in the main village. I would not stay anywhere else

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If you stay at Whistler Village, stay near the lifts.  There is a lot of the village that is a long walk from them and I find it much easier and quicker to take the bus than to hike from those places in ski boots.  It's also usually much warmer in the Village than in the Alpine and I get hot and sweaty if I have to walk very far with all of my gear.

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If you want to be in the heart of the action, it sounds like the Village or Village North would suit you best.


I am a ski travel agent based in North Vancouver.  We have access to a wide network of accommodations in Whistler and our rates are often lower than many of the on-line booking agents.  If you see anything on VRBO that catches your eye, give us the details and we'll see if we can get you a comparable deal at a better rate.  We also offer discounted lift tickets, rentals activities and a whole lot more with any accommodation booked through us.


You can reach us by filling out our on-line enquiry form http://www.powderrangers.ca/request-quote.html

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Last time I stayed at Cascade Lodge - it's in Village North, but across the road from the village, with an easy walk to the lifts. The beauty with the location it is that the village walk and squares can be noisy at night, so you're right there, but not in it.

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Another vote for Village North.  slightly cheaper than in the village - but still only a 15 min walk to lifts and still you are in the middle of it all.

There are free buses that can take you to the lifts or you can walk it.


of course if you can afford the slightly higher prices - stay in the village.


We always stay the Delta - in village north - which has its own shuttle service to the lifts. 


30 - somethings looking to party - I would not stay in upper village or creekside. They are dead after 5pm.

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