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Need Suggestions

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Hi everyone, I need your help.


I am going to Vegas 1/8/12 thru 1/16/12 and figured while I was out West (I live in Connecticut) I may as well do a couple of days skiing before and after; want some good powder as the EC hardpack has me down.


If you wanted to go skiing 1/6 and 1/7 as well as 1/17 and 1/18, what would you do? I could hitup Tahoe, SLC, or CO. SLC looks like the best value, CO is reliable for planning purposes (thinking Vail, Breck, or Copper), Tahoe looks pretty in the pics. I have never been to SLC or Tahoe, I used to goto Vail alot when I was younger (I dream of those back bowls!). 


I was thinking CO en route there (reliable and its early season), SLC omw back (drive up Vegas, go skiing, fly home). How reliable is SLC for snow in early Jan? 


My great fear is always snow, early season is treacherous. CO is reliable, SLC? Tahoe?


I generally ski AM open till PM close and I'll be solo so night life doesn't matter as much (I'm usually too tired to do anything anyways).


I can afford it, but saving budget is always a positive :)


Thoughts? Opinions? 





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The first three weeks of January are typically pretty lousy for snow in UT. Usually it picks up in late January, but early/mid-Jan is not generally prime.


Of course you never know, so wait as long as you can.

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Beauty: Tahoe

Terrain: Utah

Snow: Colorado/Utah, CO might be more reliable early season due to places like Loveland and A-basin


That's just a brief overview, I'm sure someone else would love to expand but I'm pretty limited on the subject.

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thanks guys!


Ok so do CO en route as thats only thing reliably open in the early part of the month.


Whether to do SLC on the way back is then the open question.  I should probably look into some type of flexible air/hotel arrangement so  that I can cancel/change plans at the last minute if the snow is not good in SLC. Prob my best bet.


Granted, with snow storms already starting up, looks like it will be a great winter for snow sports :)


I think I will try to mix in CO then SLC.

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