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Power-Lifter Looking for New Ski Pants

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So, I've been lifting weight consistently since the end of last season and have put on about 20lbs of weight (mostly muscle :)).  However, it's where I have put on some of that weight that is an issue.  I've tried on multiple brands of ski pants and the trouble I am having is that though the waist size is usually fine with a L or XL, the thighs and butt usually don't fit (squats).  Or, everything in the waist area is fine but the pants are way too long.  So, I guess I am shopping for short, baggy ski pants now but, I'm not sure where to start.  (I'm 5'10" btw)


I'd like to keep it around $100-$150 and the only thing I really require from my pants are thigh vents.  Ideas?

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My suggestion is to try a snowboard shop.

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Buy baggy, cargo style pants in a size that fits your legs and butt.  If they have Velcro stretch straps on the waist, that will help.  If not, go to a tailor/seamstress and get them adjusted.   If you have such a hard time finding the right fit, then chances are what you want exactly probably don't exist, or they'll be too expensive or hard to find.  Probably not worth the bother.  Spending < $20 on adjustments to essentially custom fit your needs is peanuts by comparison.  You should get the results you need.

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Thanks for the responses.  I just ordered a couple of different pairs of cargo style snowboard pants online.  Hopefully the thighs fit right and I can just modify the waist like was suggested.

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Most L/XL ski pants have 32” – 33” inseams. Should be no problem for your height.

Don’t forget your inseam length will increase with ski boots on.


Fit the butt & thigh and use a pair of suspenders if the waist is too loose.


Suspenders for ski pants

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+1 on looking for snowboard pants.  Burton makes some roomy pants in your price range.

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I empathize with this. I'm 5" 9', and 220 with a thick thighs and butt ( but still a 34 waist)


if you look at Burton make sure it's "team fit" that gives you a little more room in the thighs and seat. Also look at brands that are a little more freeride oriented like Trew(pricey but bomber), Saga, Flylow, Armada, and Orage.


I'm wearing the Salomon Sideways pants right now. I had actually had to size up from my normal size with these.

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Most makers have "relaxed" fits now for some models. Even (gasp) Arcteryx. So you should be able to find something pretty easily without going to something that will cry for suspenders. Epic's idea of snowboard pants works too; I've done that a few times because I have thin legs but wear a brace under my pants. 

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This thread:  http://www.epicski.com/t/107600/arcteryx-stinger-bib-who-the-heck-designed-these

is a rant about ski pants with rear ends that are too roomy. You might want to look at all of the pants the other person was complaining about. They may work for you. (Kind of a Jack Spratt situation...)

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Volkl has a line of pants, and jacket that should fit most everyone, http://volkl.com/ski/performance_wear/item/men/400211,


pant Colors: black 4-Way Stretch Twill with Sensortex Waterproof / Breathable Membrane (10,000 mm / 10,000 g/m), Fully Seam Sealed, CPI Insulation (40 gm), Fully Articulated For Comfort, Fit & Performance, Laser Cut Outside Pockets, Waterproof Zippers, Thigh Ventilation, Belt Loops, Detachable Suspenders, Interior Waist Adjusters, Scuff Guards, Interior Boot Gaiters with Velcro Closures and Sticky Gel Boot Grippers, Fully Lined, Nano Technology Stain Repellent, XS - 8XL in 28"; 30""; 32"" 34"" and 36"" inseams"

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Will definitely give Burton "team fit" pants a shot if the pants I ordered aren't the right fit.  Got a 686 and a foursquare brand pants on the way.

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Try Obermeyer's 'free ride' fit, like on the Rail Yard pant.

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Got the pants I ordered in today.  The 686 were  a little restrictive in the crotchal region but, the Foursquare pants I got fit perfectly!  They fit the waist fine, aren't way too long, and left my plenty of room in the butt and thigh areas.  So, just thought I would update and thanks for the snowboard pants suggestion! 

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