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World Cup Live in English

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So NBC/Universal Sports has failed us.

There is an english eurosports stream here:


that should work for today's Beaver Creek SG.  Biathalon is on right now, they just announced the WC is on at GMT 19:00, which I think is 2pm EST.

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Good find! And I didnt have to download anything (as far as I know). Some of the sites that stream eurosport seem a bit dodgy.

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Another option is to sign up for eurosport and watch it on their site:


You have to use a VPN service, I'm using a free trial of hideipvpn with a UK VPN server (as I type this it's gotten really slow, may have to switch VPNs).  I paid 3.99 GPB ($6.26 on my CC - use one with no foreign transaction fees!) for 1 month of eurosport streaming.


It's pretty nice.  They have 3 main channels in english, and then live event channels.  Right now the biathalon is on one of the main channels and they also already have the live stream from beaver creek up on another channel.  So you can watch them setup the event and then the racers come down live (I assume with no commentary).  The commentary I think will be on a main channel 1hr after the event starts.  Just now there was a guy in neon green pants that skied the course with a video camera in his arms, so that will probably be part of the broadcast version.


Looks like it's low light conditions for the SG today -- snowing a bit too.

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its live now with commentary at the first link!


AND... the next WC was rescheduled from val d'sere to be at beaver creek during the week THIS week. 

And, Eurosport has 'reschedule their programming' to allow these events to be viewed LIVE


big thumbs up.  Why don't I live in europe?

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Watching the women at Lake Louise on the same channel. Thanks for the great find.

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Womens SG from Lake Louise is on the same channel today also.

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Men's GS from Beaver Creek up next, same channel.

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Awesome find, thanks!

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