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The Big Number!

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After skimming through the "what do you guys look like" thread the other day I have to reflect... I know many of you on this site are over 50.  Think about that for a minute, I know my parents were not very active after 50 but there are so many of us on this page that are thriving at this point.  Things are totally different for my generation.  I cant wait for this time of year.  I gave up a great life of surfing and general dudeness at the beach 25 years ago to throw it all away for the mountain life.  I love to fish, hike, waterski and camp but I really came here to ski.  I could not live here if there was no skiing.


What is it that makes this lifestyle so enthraling?  For me there are a few points that keep me as fired up each year for the season as I was in '86 when I came here and they are:


Other that my look (see page 15 of the what do you guys look like) skiing is keeping me young- I hang with my daughters race crowd 4 days a week and I am learning a whole new lingo (gatespeak).


I love to look at and buy the latest ski fashions each year - thats not to say I will wear a pokadot hoody but the stuff for people over a certain age.


I have really benifitted from the new technology - skis, boots, Gore-Tex and such.  New Gotamas this year.


I  love to ski new places each year and make sure to hit my old favorites as well.


And probably one of the most important issues is that after 35 years of hard work in various fields I can afford to ski where I want and when I want.


I have so many friends that I have met through this wonderful addiction and I hope to continue for many years to come.


Have great season and if you feel the need tell us why you are the over 50 bomb!!!!



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"blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

Coming up on 45th consecutive ski season, all while based in northern Virginia.  
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It's great to have a passion at our age that involves physical activity. I figure it helps to keep me motivated to stay fit enough to be able to keep sking. And if you stay fit enough for that, typically you're able to do other physical activiites as well. When you get to a certain age (which i believe I've reached) you have this suspicion that if you ever stop moving, it's going to be hard to get going again. 

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It was 1968 and I was13 when my Uncle took me and my brother to Wisp in Deep Creek, MD.  All I remember was falling....a lot.  I didn't ski again until I was 17 and a senior in HS when I joined the ski club and went to Seven Springs on Friday nights.  That was the 71-72 season and I haven't missed a season since, making this my 40th. 


Skiing definitely helps to keep me young as do my other passions, motorcycles, rock & roll and my most recent (and inexpensive) passion for Disc Golf.  Believe it or not, I am looking forward to my 50th consecutive ski season as well. 


My plan is to continue being immature and stupid for as long as I can.  LOL


Rick G

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