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Season Pass in Tahoe?

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I am moving from Colorado to Folsom, CA in January. I am trying to figure out which pass to buy? I was considering getting a epic local pass (and skiing a few times in Colorado before I leave). I love skiing powder, steeps, and trees/glades most, but also enjoy groomers and moguls. I have never skied at Tahoe before and would love advice. FYI, I would love to keep the pass around 500 dollars and I am 21 so I would qualify for Mount Rose U-22 pass. 

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Welcome to both Epic and California.

I'd advise you not to buy a pass at all, but rather sample all the resorts your first year.

You can get discount tickets through SnowBomb and look for other deals.


But if you really want a pass, you might wait and see where you actually end up living.

Somewhere near the I-80 corridor might tilt you towards a north shore resort,

while somewhere near the US-50 corridor might tilt you towards a south shore resort.


You mention Mt. Rose, but that's a pretty good drive from Folsom.

FWIW, Sugar Bowl is pretty close up north and Sierra-at-Tahoe pretty close on the south.

Re-reading this, guess I don't like to drive that much   :-)


Enjoy,      rickp


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Whatever you decide, you better hurry. Some of the pass sales have been extended to 12/5. From Folsom, Kirkwood is a good option or the Epic Pass for Heavenly & Northstar would be the second choice. 

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