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Anyone skied the RS110 boot from Lange?

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I was planning on ordering a 130, but they are all sold out in 25's.  Anyone tried the 110?  It seems like it would be a good match for me, being that I ski mostly off piste and had to soften up my Head Raptor 120's a bit (running them on the softest setting).  Any feedback?  I am only 155lbs, pretty aggressive skier though.  My bootfitter said he could stiffen them up if necessary, by adding carbon along the spine, or riveting it, as long as the lower isn't too soft.  My old Salomon X-wave boots were only 100 flex as well. Seems like a softer boot would be better than a stiffer boot for off-piste conditions. 


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I was in the RS110's all last year.  I'm 6'2", 175, long-legged (i.e., I can get some leverage on a boot).


The forward flex on them was waaayyyyy too soft for me; there was more then one disconcerting turn where I got pitched a bit forward and the front of the boot just felt like it was collapsing, like to the point where I thought for sure I was going to heel-release.  frown.gif  I like having a stiffer boot that I can leverage myself off of to get back to center.


My boot-fitter said he could stiffen them up somewhat, but there were some other shells-size issues that would have made things always "semi good" in the RS110s.  So I upgraded this year to the RS130s.

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Scott, I'm 5'8" 160lbs ,skied in the RS110 boots all last season and loved them.  Previously, I was in the Lange comp 100.  The RS boots were more comfortable out of the box and also warmer . I also tried on RX100, but I felt RS provided a more snug fit around my foot.  Keep in mind that most of my skiing is done on the east coast with limited off piste opportunities, and I'm sure your skiing level is far above mine.  I also love the MX78s I purchased from you- they make a great combination with the RS110s.   If you have any other questions, let me know.   Jim







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If you were looking at 130 I would be concerned about the RS110 being too soft.  I ski WC150 and tried on the 130 flex last year and that felt too soft.

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How about the RS140, I hear they flex similar to the 130, Ski Depot has 25.5 in stock

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Thanks for the info. I went ahead and ordered a pair of the 110's in 25, and have a pair of Raptor RS's in 130 to compare them to.  Will let you know how it goes. 

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Scott:  How are the Lange RS 110s working for you in terms of flex and other performance factors?  I'm tempted by them myself since they fit my narrow feet almost perfectly, flex well in the shop, and are far easier to put on & take off than the RS 130s.  You're a little bigger than me (I'm 5'8, 140#) and a much better skier so if the 110s work for you they will certainly work for me.


Thanks for all comments.

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Just wanted to bump this thread to get your feedback on how the RS110 worked out for you last year. I am looking at getting new Langes to replace my 5ish year old 130 WC (MF).


Did you find them too soft? Should I go with the RS 130? I wouldn't mind a bit softer but don't want to give up performance.


Is the stance more upright than the previous models? The excessive forward lean of my 130 WCs wears out my legs after about 3/4 of a ski day. I feel like I can never get to relaxed / neutral in them.

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I bought a pair of Lange RS140's this year and I am really happy with them. I tried on the RS130's in a shop and they were noticeably softer flexing. I didn't try the 110's, but assume they would be another step softer. I am 6'4" and 250 lbs, expert skier. The 140's were similar stiffness to my old Lange X9's. They were the right flex for someone my size. The liners of the 140's have firmer padding and that is also noticeable. Given the choice, I would have preferred the cushier 130 liners. I would say the RS130's would be perfect for a 160-200 lb advanced to expert skier. Someone lighter or not as aggressive would be best in the 110's.  As one 175 lb poster said, the RS110's were too soft for him. Keep in mind they stiffen a little when out in the cold. I think the softer flex is more comfortable, but if you are heavy enough or aggressive enough to push the boot past its limit you need go up in stiffness. I would have suggested Dawg stick with the RS130's based on his skiing ability.

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Experience report for Lange RS110:


I bought the Lange RS110s, skied them a few times in spring 2012, and am quite happy with them so far.  Flex is fairly soft but firm enough for my  135-140 pounds (at 5'8") and advanced-intermediate skills or lack thereof, and is very progressive rather than hitting a wall part-way through the range.  Ankle fit is very close (the snuggest I've found off the shelf) but still comfortable, and instep fit is fairly snug around my high insteps without pinching.    Toe room is OK after a grind above one big toe.  My one minor complaint is some shin bite (don't know if this is the classic "Lange bang" since this is my first pair),  but nothing severe. 


Hope this helps.



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