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What do you think about this exercise?

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I thought up this exercise for pre-season alpine training, although I'm sure it's been done before. You put two BOSU balls side by side, touching each other and you simply do one-leg hops from one BOSU to the other for a set number of reps on each leg.


When I do these I focus on keeping my knees slightly bent, my feet facing straight ahead and close together, and my core tight and in control.


What do you fitness gurus think of this exercise from a muscle activation perspective? I'm not trying to mimic ski movement exactly, I just thought that isolating each leg and performing a lateral balance exercise that utilizes jumps might be transferable to the hill?

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In terms of transfer to the hill, unless you will be hopping laterally from ski to ski between piles of crud there won't be much in common with skiing.  That is even more the case with modern skiing.  There are variations on this drill used for tennis, though. 


For general conditioning, ok as a form of plyos, with all the caveats about injury risk and the fact that virtually no one reading this will be at a point where they really will benefit from plyos versus other activities.

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If you've got access to a bunch of bosus, there are a lot of cool exercises you can do. The one you describe is fine. Try spreading them apart as you get better.


I like one where I put 4-5 bosus in a line on the floor, about 3-4 feet apart (start closer, work up), ball side up. Stand behind the first and hop onto it. Keep your knees bent and try to land smooth. As soon as you've gained your balance, hop to the next, repeat down the line. Then see how quickly you can do it and maintain balance. You can do this exercise one-legged or two-legged. I generally do it with two and try to jump further/faster. Make sure the bosus have their rubber feet so they don't slide out from under you.


When I do some free weight stuff, I frequently do it while standing on one foot on a bosu (either side up). I like to do curls like this. It really fires lots of muscles.


I also love standing on an exercise ball and balancing. It freaks out the people at the gym, but it is a great drill. I usually put the ball up close to an I-Beam column or something so I can climb on easily and keep my hands near it in case I lose my balance. Then I roll the ball slightly back from the column and stand on it with my hands wrapped closely (but not touching) to the column.

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