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Size Conundrum... and no bootfitters around

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This thread is a repost from the gear section. Hoping to get some help...


So, I just bought a pair of Full Tilt First Chair boots off of Backcountry after trying on a similar Full Tilt Boot in the only ski store around Sun n Ski Sports. Unfortunately, although the guys at the store are avid skiers, I don't think they qualify as expert bootfitters. I did a shell fit in the store on both a 28.5 and 27.5, and the guys said that both fit. With the liners in, the 28.5 was basically comfortable, and my toes were touching the end and the 27.5 was a bit shorter. The first time I went, they measured my Mondo size as a 28.5, and the second time it was a 28. I think the 28 was a more accurate measurement. Just for good measure, I traced my foot this morning on 8.5x11 piece of paper and I had at least a quarter inch of toe sticking over the edge. 11.25 inches is roughly 28.57 centimeters,


Figuring obviously that the tighter the better, I went ahead and bought the First Chairs off of Backcountry in the 27.5. Tried em on yesterday around the house and they seemed way too tight even after a potential heat mold. In the shell of the right foot, I have maybe about 5mm (judging by the width of my index finger), but in the left, I basically have zero space unless I crunch my toes in front. With the liners in, both sides basically become rockclimbing shoes.


From your experiences, can this be heatmolded out even with a footbed in or should I send em back and get a 28.5 even though it might be a tad big?


More information...


I'm going skiing in Park City with family friends on 12/23 - 12/30, and while that would clearly be a perfect time/place to get fitted for boots, since I'm a guest on the vacation, I'm not sure exactly what the plans are going to be. It's also possible that I'd be heading up to Denver for a few days before that, but not sure yet.


If it helps at all, the most comfortable and accurately fit pair of shoes I own are 2 pairs of Allen Edmonds Strands in a 10.5. According to their website, the last used on these shoes is a "5 Last (65) This is the longest in length of all of our lasts; best for a long, narrow foot." In running shoes I wear a 11.5 or 12.


I'd describe my foot as having a low arch, but certainly not flat and probably an average height instep. I know from running that I have a neutral gait. My current running shoes are these: http://www.zappos.com/asics-gel-ds-sky-speed-2-royal-white-black


Also, if there are any bootfitters in Dallas, I'd be more than happy to drive there from Houston.


Thanks for the help.

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very difficult to say if it is the right boot for you as we cannot see your feet,how much skiing do you do in a season? if lots then it may be doable but based on what you are telling me ......5mm is very tight and zero is even tighter...based on the fact the sizes move up in length by 10mm that would give you 10mm on the left and 15mm on the right.... pretty good fit by most measures.... the full tilt are very short to size (they are actually accurate to mondo sizing) rather than many boots which are over sized for sales reasons


good luck getting that one sorted, can't tell you about fitters in the area as i am the other side of the pond

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