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Utah Trip Finally Booked!

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So after 3 seasons of failed attempts I finally booked my first trip out west!  Never been so excited for a vaca before.


I'll only have 2 days of skiing but whatever, worth it.  I'm arriving Dec 25th-29th staying at Kimball Junction area.  My wife is a beginner so we will probaly ski either DV, PCMR or possibly Snowbasin.  Thoughts?  Also what's the best place to get lift tickets? Rentals?


Thanks again, This site is a  huge help!

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ski one day at Snowbasin for sure, then the other at a PC resort.

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Wait until you arrive or just before to decide where you're skiing. Alta or Big Cottonwood will probably offer better conditions at that point in the season.

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deer valley would be the best place for your wife to learn

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