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Blizzard Magnum 7.6, 2011 model

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Hi all, I would really appreciate if you could give me a hand in this. I've been skiing last 5 years with my Rossignol Zenith Z1s and after some tax refunds it's the time to retire them! I'd say I'd say I'm an advanced intermediate skier. I'm 180 cm tall (5 foot 11 inch) and weigh 85 kg (187 lbs). The Rossignols are actually quite ok, but when skiing fast I find that they chatter quite easily.


I have a chance to buy the last year's Blizzard Magnum 7.6s for a very competitive price and have heard many good things about them. I'm thinking of getting them in 170 cm length but to be honest, just because that's something what I have currently. What do you say? I ski once a year a week or so in the alps and then more in the local slopes that tend to be a bit smaller than that.


Thanks everyone!

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I love the ski but I am only 5'7ish and 160 lbs. You might get different viewpoints from some of the bigger guys that have tried them, maybe the 8.1 instead because of your size. That is my opinion, a great deal is only a great deal if appropriate if you know what I am saying.    dave

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welcome to Epic.  Haven't skied it (and I'm not sure what your local hill is) but seems like a pretty good choice based on the reviews I have read.

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I'm 6'2" and 175ish.  Skiing in New England, the Magnum 7.6 (170cm length) has been pretty much my go-to ski the past couple seasons.  It's stable enough at the speeds I ski at (moderate for the most part), it's a capable bump ski, it'll handle a few inches of fresh snow (I've taken it into some seriously deep snow as well, and uhhhh, let's just say that it's a workout in those conditions).


I don't think you'd outgrow it anytime soon.

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Also, if you do decide it is the ski for you, you might want to ask around on here and maybe one of the guys might have a leftover for you. Nice to keep the business local.

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I demo'd this ski in March back-to-back with some other pretty nice skis (Blizzard Supersonic, Kastle RX).  I am just under 5'10" and 165lbs., and the 170cm was perfect for me on southern Vermont resort conditions.  While the Supersonic was the best "tip and rip" feel, and the RX was the most "exciting", high-performance feel of the three, I actually liked the Magnum 7.6 best, as it seemed to be a great compromise of stability, performance, versatility and forgiveness. 


You might want to check with Scott at Dawgcatching.com, Phil/Jim at Starthaus.  Not sure if they carry it or can match the price, but why not give them a shot at earning your business since they contribute so much to Epicski?

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I also have some slope time on the 7.6's and they are a wonderful ski.  I actually did not expect to like it as much as I did and thought I could be happy on it as my only ski if neccessary.


Go for it.  I think the 170 length will be about right for you.


Good Luck,


Rick G

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