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Eldora - This afternoon

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today I had 1/2 day to kill after some mtgs in boulder yesterday...drove thru some crazy roads to get here to take several runs..well worth it though....eldora_2011-12-01 13.41.15.jpg

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Looks nice, hope you did not have to drive on Hwy 36 to get there, was slow going!

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what run is that??

I had a season pass at Eldora 08-09 and enjoyed it very much-great terrain and laid back. Some of the most challenging steep tree skiing ever.

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I think it was cascade? Unfortunately a large part of mountain was not opened but it was was getting primed with a bunch of snow that day.....It had a East Coast tree feel to me as its a pretty cool mountain if you want to get there from Boulder in a short period of time.

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