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What size DPS 112?

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I've finally found a store that isn't sold out on the DPS 112s. Now I have to decide on what size to get. I'm leaning heavily toward the 184 cm, as this will be a one ski quiver, and my specs are 150lbs and 5'11". From the research I've done, the 184 seems to be a good compromise between powder/charging performance and frontside/groomer performance. Does anyone have more details concerning the 184s and 190s? Which one would you recommend to me, considering my specs and my ability, which is high intermediate to advanced?

Thank you,


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I would say the 184 for you also. If you have trouble finding a 184, I believe we have ONE pair left. 

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Thanks for the input, and offer, philpug. I'm fairly certain i'm going to get the 184s now.

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178  would also be just fine , difference would be  pretty minimal  though even better  if you  are tree skiing

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I second Phil's suggestion of 184cm from your description...I am 5'11" (but fatter than your 150 lbs!), and found the 184 to be a pretty solid one-size-does-all-really-well length in the RP112.  Get'em while you can!



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