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Need skis tuned, Keystone

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Hi, I am going to Keystone on Sunday.  First trip to CO.  Figured I could get a better tune there than I could here in NYC.  Can someone recommend a shop?  Skis are new and I want the edges beveled.  Thanks

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If you have transportation while at Keystone, take your skis to Precision Sports in Frisco.  The shop is in a strip center on the east side of Hwy 9, across the road from Starbucks.  From I-70, take the first exit west of the Silverthorne exit that you take to Keystone.  (It's marked Frisco/Breckenridge).  


This is a pro-level shop where racers and serious skiers get their tunes.  They are also great bootfitters.


Welcome to Colorado.


Ross - Denver

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Yes. I will have a car.  Thank you very much. Now if it would only snow........

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There is an excellent tuner in Keystone.  His name is Tyler at Keystone Sports (the tuning shop, not the retail store).  Look left, next to Gorsuch, as soon as you enter the main street after walking from the River Run parking lot.  Their equipment is state of the art.  He's done all my skis for a year and they are perfect. 

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I'll second the plug for Jimbo over at Precision.  Absolute best shop in the county, that's for sure.  Once you ski the tunes coming out of that back shop, you'll never want to ski anything else!

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Originally Posted by Jack1266 View Post

Hi, I am going to Keystone on Sunday.  Skis are new and I want the edges beveled.  Thanks

If the skis are new why do you want them tuned ?  Yea, I know some will say you can get a bad tune out of the factory.


They should be fine. Unless you want some crazy beveling done...why ?


Ski them at least one day.

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I've seen some excellent factory tune and some very inconsistent factory tune, plus some skis cup as they cure and are concave by the time the new owner puts them on the snow.


What angles do you want on the edges?  I like 3 degrees on the sides and 1 on the base, but on dry snow, 0.75 on the base (maybe feathered to 1 at the tips & tails).  Of course, never dull/detune the tips and tails between the contact points where the edges hit the snow.  Dulling up the curve is good.  The factory tune means nothing--how you ski and the type of snow you're on means everything.

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