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Ski choice appreciaton

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Probably asked a thousand times this type question but nevermind, always a different setup.

I have the opportunity to choose between Salomon Enduro RX750 or HEAD E-SHAPE mtl. I'm sort of a beginner but would like a ski to develop on from beginner to intermediate. I ski once a year if lucky. Please give some feedback to which one you believe I would benefit modt from.


Thanks a lot



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Hi Mark,


Please realize that if you ski only once a year, no matter what your skis are, you are probably not going to use your skis to their full potential anyway.  You did not mention in your post if you ski out west or in the east.  For the sake of the exercise I will assume you ski mostly on groomed slopes, beginner to intermediate level, at your local mountain most of the time.


I`d personally go with the Salomon. Wood core construction with titanium layers is in my own opinion a very nice construction and that should give you a great ski for years to come.


Good luck!


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