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what ski is the best?

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so im just wondering what the best ski for an east coast skier that likes to shred it all over the mountain but especially in glades and pow when i can find it. i also like to go in the park from time to time. i would consider myself an expert skier. what do you guys think i should buy??

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Nordica Soul Rider 185cm, since you gave almost no real useable info about yourself I figured I'd just guess about a few things... such as: your height, weight, where on 'the east coast' you ski, what skis you've liked/disliked, what you value in a ski, what your price range is... stuff like that.


So buy a Nordica Soul Rider.

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oh im 6 feet, 180 lbs. i ski tremblant mostly. sometimes vermont or quebec city. any price

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Look at VOLKL Kendo.

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