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New Skiing Vidoes

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Section 8 Snowsport Institute has posted some new training videos from their pre-season ski clinic in Austria. The new videos, and of course all our older videos, are at


BTW: Looks like another record year for snow fall on Mount Washington. They are opening early again this year.

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Section8's website is beautiful.  The ski and snowboard tips there are worth the visit.

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Glad you enjoyed the videos. We are in the process of redoing parts of the website to make things easier to find. The video page was the first to be done.


After seeing your location, I remembered there is a Mount Washington in Maine as well. I should have been more specific when I commented on the new snow. We are at Mount Washington, BC on Vancouver Island. 


It might be a bit of a drive for people on the east coast - but f you are out this way the skiing is going to be great.

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Some good tips on there. Its nice to see a site that has equal skiing and snowboarding tips. We call all use a little reminder on some things.

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