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Went to Whistler Resort for the first and only time in December of 1998. Learned there was a ski shop right by the base of a lift that does ski demos. It's there and close making changing and trying multiple skis a breeze. I paid for 2 days of trying everything I could. On day 3 the resort was offering a free demo day so I continued my experiments. I tried at least 15 skis, probably more.

Some I found scarry fast and knew I don't need the injuries that ski would provide. All had good and bad qualities but the one I settled on had lots of great qualities and very little to complain about, the Rossignol Rebel. It carves the snow beautifully, gracefully and is always fun. It's all mountain qualities make every day better. It's not the greatest in deep powder but still works well. Still works on bumps but that's where my skiing lacks quality.

See very few others like it on any mountain so it must not have been a great selling ski but I sure love them.