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Marker Binding Adjustment - Brain Cramp....

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Am adjusting (or attempting that is…) Marker Titanium 12.0 Piston IBX Demo bindings to accommodate my new boot’s longer sole – should b a piece of cake right?  However interpreting the mm length markings between the heel and toe pieces is a bit confusing. 


The demo setup allows the heel and toe move independently to accommodate all size boots and to adjust the binding midpoint fore and aft – makes sense.  The markings in front of the heel piece appear to be a series of 7mm ranges beginning at 259-266 then moving (skiers) backward 267-274, 275-282 etc..  But the markings behind the toe piece begin with a single row with a 3mm spread: 259-262 and then move forward in 7mm ranges: 263-270, 271-278 etc..  So the heel and toe marking are always 4mm different.  Obviously must get this right, but Marker’s strategy is a bit opaque to me at this point.  For my 320mm boots I’ve set 315-322 + 319-326.  Is this anywhere near correct???


(Sorry if this should go in the maintenance forum)



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This should go in the "You should go to the shop and get it done right" forum.

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Most of the bindings I've seen with possibility to adjust toe and heel pieces separately work this way (the intervals are not the same). So you choose the correct bsl on the both the toe and heel piece. BUT then you also need to know how to check forward pressure because just choosing the numbers corresponding to bsl doesn't always produce the desired result (and you might need to adjust the DIN too)

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You're having a brain cramp because you don't understand what you are doing. It may not be rocket science but it takes a little understanding and thought as to what you are trying to accomplish.


Use the toe setting to position the boot on the ski, the midsole line and the manufacturer's mounting point should be as close as possible (unless you want to try different positions). Use the heel adjustment to dial in forward pressure. Set DIN. Ski.

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Whiteroom is correct.  You understand, but not deeply enough.  The ranges should be the same in your mind, because you can see no reason why they wouldn't both go up and down by the same increments.  In fact as Whiteroom noted (in not quite as much detail as an engineer would like) the toe piece increments are finer, allowing a more precise positioning of the boot centre.  The heel piece does not change where the boot ends up (the heel piece will be pushed to the back of the boot with the right pressure after adjusting the forward pressure) and the springs in the binding allow the forward pressure to be functional with a larger stepping range.


Don't forget to check your DIN against a chart; longer boots produce more torque on the knee with the same release point force (determined by DIN setting), so your DIN setting may need to go down.

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