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Bootfitter undersized me?

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I went to my local bootfitter whom has 30+ years experience in fitting and as a rep for boot manufacturers.  He inspired confidence...until I got on the slopes.  I'm a flatlander and not up on the latest equipment, but .....I have a size 13-13.5 shoe size (11-7/8") and he insisited my Dalbello Cross ID should be a 29.  It felt good in the store- I lasted 1 run on the mountain. WAY too small/tight-mostly in the length/toe.  He made several sincere attempts to correct the fitment but I still can't wear them! He is adamant that the 29 size is correct.  He punched out; ground them; re-heated the liner; still can't wear them!


So....Should I cut my losses and start over with another fitter and new boots or attempt to punch out these 29's to a 31?  I know that sounds crazy..... Is it even possible?  I'm frustrated on spending $400+ and can't wear them for more than an hour.  Suggestions?

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first off do a shell check, liners out and place your naked foot in the empty shell, toes gently brushing the front of the shell, how much space is there behind the heel? 5mm-15mm excellent up to 20mm still acceptable, up to 25mm bit big but will probably let you ski, any more =bucket


the krypton does come up very big to size we frequently find ourselves dropping a size from the measured size (please use the metric mondo point sizing rather than the conversion to USA/UK sizes (IT IS SO FAR OFF YOU CANNOT BELIEVE)


you say they feel ok in the shop, this is the next thing>>>> what is happening to affect them when you ski, binding delta being too steep and causing you to sit back or maybe a technique issue???


you can stretch a boot out in length but not by 2 full sizes, but i am doubtful that you need that much, as i said the conversion of sizes is shocking IGNORE it


it is more than likely that you have space in the shell and something else is going on to not allow it to work, it could be 


the liner

the footbed

the sock

the binding

your biomechanics (if you ankle joint flexion is limited you will not be able to get into the back of the boot and your toes will be at the front!)

your technique


so a little more investigation may reveal what is going on, don't just give up on them yet, you might need another fitter if the one you are using is struggling to find the problem, sometimes a fresh set of eyes are all that is needed


let us know about the shell check and we may be able to give you a bit more help



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Does your foot have a lot of shape to it? Wide forefoot - narrow heel? The krypton series do not have much internal shape to the shells. This years series I believe they modified the internal shell shape slightly.

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Thanks for the reply.  I have about 1-1/2 fingers -maybe 15-18mm behind my heel in the empty shell.  I managed to punch out the toe box area about 1/4" and I believe I remedied the toe scrunch. My foot is fairly narrow, no real size anomalies except for a couple of bunion type of bumps, but those are not a problem.  The only unusual thing is my middle toe is longer than my big toe.  Thats where I concentrated the punch out.


Thanks to another post here about making a wooden foot replica with a screw device to create pressure for the punch out, the process worked.  The toe box area was just too small - in my inexperienced opinion.  Once I got past the initial frustration, I calmed down and the problem was not as severe as originally thought.


Heat gun and well placed pressure did wonders.

Thanks for the input! smile.gif

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post pictures, we would love to see your work!



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