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British VI racer Kelly Gallagher in desperate need of a guide for Dec & Jan

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Message from Sue Greenberg: 

The British Disabled Ski Team is desperately searching for a guide for our VI skier, Kelly Gallagher during December and January. We need someone that is available during that timeframe, with no restrictions. They will have a break for Christmas/New Years. Skiing skills should include a background in FIS racing but they don't need to be a superstar. Kelly competes in all events (SL, GS, SG, DH) so the guide needs to be competent in all of these. 

The guide will have all travel, hotel, food, lift tickets paid. There is a stipend of 30 GBP/day (this could change). 

Please let us know if you can help get the word out. We have been on this quest for over a month with several false starts and it's getting down to the wire. 

They have exhausted all avenues, so if anyone has any ideas please reply here. 


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It would probably help if you could tell people more about WHERE.  And what exactly you are looking for.  Someone whose main job is heaving luggage around or what?

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It sounds like the job would involve running the course (at least in prep?) with the visually impaired skier and giving him terrain guidance.

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I've got a daughter who is now wishing she didn't have prior coaching commitments.....   roflmao.gif

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Sounds very cool, but do need a location.

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I will have to check location, but I think it will be multiple resorts throughout Europe, possibly further afield.


It is a guide to race with Kelly yes - so you would need to be competent in all 4 disciplines.


Bit more background here:





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Is there a link to the job opening itself I could paste in Facebook on racing related pages?

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Hi no there's no ad.  However I have also posted it on the BASI Facebook page, so you could share that link.


Any help to spread the word would be much appreciated!  



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i am not directly interested, but I have a couple friend who can maybe help


but travel? does that include airfare from the US

stipend? is that each day you skiing, or just everyday

from what day to what day?


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It's probably easier if I put you in touch directly with the British Disabled Ski Team, as I'm only spreading the word.


Please can you PM me your email?


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How come it's not on their Facebook page or website?


In fact, reading the website, it sounds like she's got a guide?

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It's possible that they would rather keep all the details between themselves and an interested party instead of telling the whole world.


Good look finding someone. The number of people who are competent in all disciplines, have 2 months free, and have the ability to develop the necessary rapport with the skier they are guiding may be a pretty short list.

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I have some more details on location:


They will be in Austria through Dec 19 (Pitztal and Kuhtai), then in January they will be in Serre Chevalier, Sestriere, Abtenau and Arta Terme.


In addition I've also been told that the guide must have a UK passport.  I realise this might narrow down who on Epic could b able to help, but would still appreciate you spreading the word to any contacts.



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They have now found a guide for Kelly, thanks for your help.

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Ha. I know her guide, skied with her before.

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Hi everyone, thanks for the responses, a guide has now been found for Kelly.

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