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Torn ULC

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I tore my ULC in my right thumb, skiing, last March and had surgery in April to correct it. My problem is, my thumb still looks to be out of place and when I write too long (I'm a college student), my thumb cramps up and is still numb. The hand specialist said he could re-do the surgery, but I'm not so sure I want him to.


What do you suggest?


Thank you.

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Where do you live?

Go to ASSH.org and then "find a hand surgeon" in the "information for patients and public section."

If you are numb, it may be the S2 branch of the dorsal radial sensory nerve irritated or injured.

 Sometimes these injuries do not heal even with perfect surgery.  Good to have fixed if you are young.  You can find a good surgeon at the above website.



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Thank you for the reply.  I'm in the Dallas area and I will look for a new doctor.

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