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Do Skiers Always Want Bigger and Faster?

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The Big Question: Do Skiers Always Want Bigger & Faster?




SlopeFillers, November 29, 2011


What are your thoughts, is bigger necessarily better?

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Could you be more specific??? Bigger and faster??? In what aspect?? Where??

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Of course!  I want my 1/2 lb. burger and large fries as soon as I walk in the lodge, and if I don't get them NOW, I'm leaving.

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The article wasn't even all that clear on what it was talking about...


Faster obviously is better, why spend 20 minutes to get back to the top of the mountain when it can be done in 10 minutes instead.

While its true that the more people you move up the moutain at a time the more you're going to run into on the way down, I still think thats a better option then having emptier slopes and people piled up in lift lines.


As for a bigger mountain, well higher vert is always nice because you get longer runs between each lift up.  The other thing with a bigger mountain is, generally speaking, most resorts don't expand onto the more challenging terrain right away, and since its those blue skiers that make up the most profit on the hill that is where they expand to first.  A small resort wouldn't be a problem for me if the majority of it was more advanced terrain, but thats not how it works.


Although there is a point where more acreage doesn't really do much because you're just openning up more of the same.  And of course as lift numbers increase and get newer and faster, the lift ticket prices go up as well.  So I think there is a good middle area in terms of size where you don't really gain that much from being bigger.


As for the expansions they talked about, I think the Canyons is ten times better then it was 15 years ago with their expansion onto new parts of the mountain.  However I'm not really sure on joining up Solitude.  For me at least, Canyons is about 30-45 minutes closer then Solitude is (that drive up the cottonwood canyons is always slow and I have to go past Park City to get there) and Solitude generally has better snow.  But I think at that point you've got more terrain to ski then you have time to ski it in a day and obviously the ticket prices (at least to go to both) is going to go up, so you end up paying more without really gaining that much you can take advantage of.

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Now, seriously, I like skiing smaller places for my daily bread, and then for a big feast I'll hit the big hill.  Out of about 45 days per season I'll ski 40 of them at my home areas which are 1000, and 1250 acres small, and the other 5 at Whistler.  It makes a nice balance.  I don't pine for Whistler when I'm at Baker or Stevens, they have lots of terrain to equal anything at WB, but it is nice to ski longer, uninterrupted lines once in a while.


I would probably want to ski at Whistler more often if the crowds and commercialism weren't so intense.


I guess I don't care much about faster.

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