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Rossignol wants to hear your story! Enter for a chance to win Rossignol skis or boots

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Sponsored Content by Rossignol


Are you ready to update your gear and ski for free this season?


EpicSki community sponsor Rossignol wants to hear your Rossignol Story! The winner will take home Experience 83 Skis or Experience Sensor2 120 Boots!



Abel Rossignol founded the company after his own name in 1907, fashioning his skis out of solid wood. Today, Rossignol outruns the competition with acclaimed design and construction using the most advanced materials. From creating the first customizable high performance ski to cutting edge athlete-based R&D, Rossignol's technological innovations are game changers the world over!


For example, did you know Rossignol's technology revolutionized how skiers cut through snow?  Auto Turn allows for effortless speed control to conquer any terrain.




How has Rossginol enhanced your life? Share your own Rossignol Story for a chance to win skis or boots. Read on for the details!




My Rossignol Story Contest





The crew at Rossignol and EpicSki want to hear how Rossignol's 100 plus years of ski innovation has impacted you, on or off the slopes! So get creative and wax poetic about your favorite piece of Rossi gear, technical innovation or personal experience. Tell us why Rossignol means something to you. We're looking for 100-200 words posted right here in this thread for a chance to win new Experience 83 all-mountain skis or Experience Sensor2 120 Boots! Get typing!

Extra points for posting your own photo! Your entry will be judged on creativity, originality, and whether you followed all posted rules.


How to Enter:

- Write and post a personal experience, story, or memory of Rossignol equipment.

- Your entry will earn extra points if you include a related photograph.

- Your entry will be judged based on creativity, originality, and if you followed all posted rules.


The Rules:

- Your Rossignol Story must be between 100 and 200 words.

- Your story must mention the Rossignol equipment. If you don’t remember the exact name or model, something like “my Rossignol ski jacket from 1983” will suffice.

- Your story must be in original language conceived of and written by you.

- Your story’s content and language must be appropriate for the EpicSki community.

- If you opt to include a photo in your entry, you must have the rights to distribute it and it must be appropriate for the EpicSki community.


The Prize:

- Rossignol Experience 83 Skis

- Rossignol Experience Sensor2 120 Boots


The fine print.



Share your Rossignol Story here in this contest thread to win Rossignol skis or boots!

All qualifying entries must be received by 11:59:59 PM PST on December 8, 2011.  Good luck!

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RossiSmash....RossiSmash to the white courtesy phone. 

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He sniffs the bait.......tongue.gif

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The story about the three big skis


Once upon a time, there was a little ski called S3. The little S3 liked powder bumps and allmountain skiing. He was a young ski and also loved to jump in the park or ride on the groomers. He even enjoys a bit of touring. His mother the S7 was a bit fatter in at her hips. That's why she preferred to be in the deeper stuff. She was a solid allround freeride ski and very movable at her turns. The spoon tip always helped her to turn easy. The park wasn't a problem for her too. Her husband was called Super S 7. He was an awsome strong buddy who liked speed. As he had two metal layers he handled all the crud. He was a big mountain guy,who loved big wide turn. He protects everybody from bad bad crud. Acoording to his rocker and turn radius, he felt more nimble than he actually was.

The whole rossignol freeride family are uncomplicated mellow mates, who can be handled pretty smoothly. And they all skied happily ever after.




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If I could only remember the name of those yellow Rossignol boots with the navy blue tongue, shaped like Flexons, but fastened with a wing-nut.  True!

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Well, i got my first rossi skis a few seasons ago. A pair of Phantom SC80's. Really my first pair of skis that could really rip up the groomers (all of my previous skis we're either twin-tip park skis or fat boards). I was looking to improve my skiing on groomers, as i would usually just whip my twin-tips sideways and skid down, or not turn at all. So having little experience with laying down true arc's, i wasn't sure what to expect. My first run on them, my groomer skiing improved drastically. I grew to love laying super fast GS style turns, almost as much as skiing in the pow. This really surprised me, as i had always thought this kind of skiing would bore me. I still have those Phantom's, and whenever there's no new snow, i don't hesitate to bring em out and have a great day on the groomers at mach speeds. (before i got on these boards, i would have skipped days like this altogether.) Incredible.

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Hum  Rossignol ROCs were my first new skis. (Looking at skis and boots offered in exchange for the story.) Nah Pass............... S7s ?   Now your talking.

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I once had a pair of 4SV's, nice little ski....one day I'm skiing through the tress and sail off a 5 foot drop I didn't see coming.  Unfortunately at the bottom was a big jaggy rock that I landed squarely on and shattered the edge of my brand new 4SV's, as well as tore out some of the base.  I'm lucky that's all it did, including to me.  Well I had the base/edge repaired somehow miraculously; and was able to ski on them for about 10 more days and they seemed fine until suddenly skiing through some other tress, that ski literally broke in half!  I have a photo of it here somewhere, but not easy to find right now.  


Ok, by now you're thinking, what kind of a rossi story is this?!?!  I'll tell you why.  I called up Rossi and talked to them, I told them the straight honest truth about all that happened and begged if I could buy a replacement ski.  They sent me a brand new pair of 5SV's, no charge.


Long live Rossignol.

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               Rossignol has been in my skiing since day one, ive hardly ever skied a ski from another company. I started out on a pair of rossignol roc rentals which were perfect beginner skis, a few years later I skied them again at steamboat, another great learning experience. Almost immidiatley after skiing steamboat I shelled out and bought my own pair of rossignols, the 2008 rossignol roc Pure Mountain. These boards were the easiest to carve, brush carve, or ski any other type of turn that I had ever been on. They had been through many trips through the bumps at Mary Jane, and even had done some tree skiing at steamboat. However they were not made for the fluffy stuff, so I began scouring ebay for something a little more fit for powder. On ebay I found a pair of rossignol bandit xxx's in 193, These skis will ski the deep stuff easily, will blast through piles of crud like its a well groomed slope. They rip the groomers like a super g ski, and tear up crust without a second thought. Last year they visited the powder bumps and Mary Jane and gave me the most enjoyable day of skiing I have ever had. Unfortunately the little brother gave its life last year when a tip cracked out, and epoxy could not repair it. So im on the search again for another set of rossignols, the skis that have brought my skiing along from skidding blues to shredding double blacks.                          

Thanks Rossignol for the years of excellent skiing!


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OK, this is going to be a stretch...


My favorite piece of Rossignol equipment actually belonged to my daughters...all three of my daughters.  It was a pair of children's Rossignol skis purchased in 1990 by my mom and given as a gift to my first daughter who was five years old at the time. The highlight of daughter number one's tenure with the Rossignols was a cherished bunch of fine ski days with the grandparents before age/death made that no longer possible.  By spring of 1994 the little white Rossis had been passed on to my second daughter.  Just before her sixth birthday that March I can remember her taking her aunt and uncle down a bumpy, black diamond run.  My sister was furious for years afterwards for being tricked onto terrain over-her-head.  All I could say was, "blame it on Mary and her little white Rossis."  I'm not sure if my son ever used the Rossis, but it’s possible.  In any event, by 2002 they were the property of my third and final daughter.  Some will call me foolish, but this completed what I consider one of my great personal accomplishments in life - passing on the joy of skiing to my kids.  

End of entry.


Way to make it happen little white Rossis!  Wisp, MD 2002



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Old Yellow Rossis



As a youngster, my first proper pair of downhill racing skis were long, sleek, yellow Rossignols. Stiff and fast. After years of skiing on "kids" skis, I felt that I had finally graduated to the big leagues. At 12, these seemed like MAN skis. I was going to qualify for the Olympics for sure. But first I had to get through my Buddy Werner races.


For my first race on the skis, it was cold - single digits. All my scrawny peers were stripping down to their nifty racing suits. Well, I didn't have a racing suit - thank God - just ski pants and a yellow (what other color?) puffy jacket to go with my Rossis. I got some stares heading to the gate in this bulky "racing" outfit. Whatever. I was creating more wind resistance, but I was warm. The skis would make up for the difference. Down I went. The snow was cold, hard and fast. My edges held. I won the race.


My racing days ended not long after that season. I've gone through many skis since then, but the Yellow Rossi racers will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Thank you Rossignol for many wonderful memories!  My husband and I met in 1990 and were both 30 years old.  We were looking for something to do, so I said "let's try skiing"!  We went to our local hill and got rentals, but after that first day we were in love - with skiing and each other!  We each bought Rossignols, 3vk and dv8, which took us on many adventures!  We joined our local ski club and began to travel with them at first and then on our own to beautiful places we otherwise would have never seen!  Steamboat Springs, Killington, Park City, Deer Valley, Big Sky, Snowshoe, Seven Springs, Lake Tahoe, Winterpark, Mont Tremblant, and even the Matterhorn!  We even decided to get married while skiing by a Justice of the Peace atop a mountain!  (I don't remember what skis he was wearing, but we wore our Rossi's!)  Our love of skiing has now been passed down to our son and hopefully his future children.  Other skis have come and gone from our lives, but we keep our Rossi's hanging in the garage as tribute.  Thank you Rossignol for the memories of the past and the ones yet to come!



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It was early 1980s and my first day on my brand new Rossi SMs in the Gressoney valley. I think they were a 203cm. I'd been skiing out of my skin all day, balanced and smooth on these new firebrands. Snow was thin, ice was forming on scraped lower slopes and light was fading. Tired and happy I decided to be smart and ride the chair to the bottom. I clicked out of my 757 bindings and waited for the rickety old 2 man to sling me back down the hill.


I wasn't ready and forgot to remove my backpack. The chair hit me from behind and pushed me scarily forward. Teatering on the edge of the chair as it launched over a steep cliff like drop my hold on the icey boards was slipping. It was me or them. I had to let go. They arrowed into the snow below. I stayed on the lift and went back up top. The skis were gone. The lifties were very coy and suddenly couldn't speak or understand any English which they had done just minutes before. My precious Rossis were gone but etched in my memory forever.

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Rossignol has been a big part of my skiing life.  Except for my first two years on snow with $30 skis from  Sniagrab (including bindings!), I have always had a pair of Rossignols.  In particular, Rossignol GS race-type skis have spent more times strapped to my boots than all other skis combined.  The first skis that I really had to own were the old neon purple 4Gs.  That was a great ski.  I cannot recall any Christmas gift that brought more joy, either before or since.  It not only skied great but bought a lot of credibility in the lift line.  It was followed by the 7XK and at least three pairs of black and gold 9xs including a 9X Oversize that I unleashed last Saturday on my local white ribbon of death.  Even though I generally find myself skiing something quite a bit wider these days, it is nice to strap on some old school race skis and reconnect with the past.  It wasn’t that many years ago that I skied a foot and a half of powder with that setup.

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It was a day of destiny, a day for heroes.  It was a day for skiers to undergo apotheosis from mortal to legend.  The Highlands Bowl had seen many skiers under many skies, but this day was like the background of an ancient tapestry.  The sky was impossibly large, a pale blue dome of glass with wispy clouds painfully etched into the firmament; the snow a blanket of a billion blinding diamonds.  The Herculean trudge to the top was on the edge of a giant’s sword that leaned against a spear from the earth. 


At the summit of the world, one aspirant donned his array, his instruments stamped S7.  A great “R” upon a field of green told which smith had forged his tools.  Poised over the abyss, a prayer slipped from his lips and in a shower of white he vanished from the knowledge of man.  Did he touch the divine that day?  None know, but legend tells he still passes over that very spot, looking down from the other side of heaven’s dome.  Immortal.  Legendary.  All of mankind challenges the divine; no man comes back again to describe the homes of the conquerors where he lives in eternity.



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I just got a pair of Rossignols (Experience 88), the first pair of Rossignols I purchased since 1981 which were a pair of FM's. Just sayin'. If I could enter this contest I would. I am enjoying the stories so far. I am still waiting for Rossi Smash's entry popcorn.gif

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Rossignol means something to me that can be described in one word: Trust.  From my first pair of Strato 102s through the S7 of today, Rossignol can be trusted to give a consistency of high level performance throughout the entire product line.  In other words, they don’t make a mediocre ski.  You can trust the name decade after decade, and there is a lot to be said for that.

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 I didn't grow up skiing. I took it up in my twenties for the same reason all men do anything in their twenties; a girl. It was a perfect bluebird day, and with memories of Jean Claude Killy and Franz Klammer flashing through my mind, I was hooked. After a while, I was ready to upgrade my "starter" skis for a higher performance one. I decided on Rossignol 5SV's. The neon yellow bases made the snow glow under my feet, and those were the first skis I ever truly carved a turn on. Absolutely loved them. Fast forward a few years and some knee surgeries later, and it was time to upgrade again. The S7. Having the confidence that the tip won't bury allows me to get out of the backseat. It has improved my skiing exponentially. And it's not just Rossi's skis; M5, Energy STX,  Sensor 3's have been my boots of choice for the last 20+ years.

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

I just got a pair of Rossignols (Experience 88), the first pair of Rossignols I purchased since 1981 which were a pair of FM's. Just sayin'. If I could enter this contest I would. I am enjoying the stories so far. I am still waiting for Rossi Smash's entry popcorn.gif

+1 on the FMs and on RS entering this contest.  The FMS worked better for me than they did for others I knew that also had them.  Liked and wanted other models of Rossi's over the years from the drool.giffirst pair of Stratos I saw as a kid, the drool.gifSTs,  all the way to the drool.gifcurrent offerings.  It just hasn't worked out for me to get them..... YET 


Good luck and have fun with this everyone!



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One you had feathers and that proud beak, three colors that one couldn’t mistake.  Being six years old and earning stars, I can still remember that Rossignol rooster all over the slopes in Flaine.  An iconic image that every youngster adored.  But, we’ve both grown up.  Now, you are an “R,” standing firmly on your own two feet, your aerodynamic contour giving away the all-mountain athlete you’ve become.  I wish I could say the same about myself.  I guess times do change and they change us, but that new “R” is still the same rooster I remember from days long gone.  See you on the slopes…  chicken.


PS: guess what bird was on the back of my helmet?



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Rockin' the Rooster!


I have had so many pair of Rossignol skis, I can't even count them all!  From my first pair of Stratos to SM's & ST's.  I remember my FP's quite well, they allowed me to do things on skis that I never thought possible!  (I used to say that FP stood for F-ing Perfect).  More recently, I have had a couple of pair of Z9's & some Z11's.  2yrs. ago I picked up some 80ti's.  After riding them hard the 80ti's have been passed on to the next generation of the Rossi brotherhoood. (Hmmm, seems the E83's would fit that hole nicely wink.gif).  When last year I got my first pair of S7's...  Again, I am doing things on skis that I never would have believed possible!  These boards blow my mind every time I get out on them eek.gif.  Of course, they are all mounted with Rossi binders which have yet to let me down.

J. Pierre 008.JPG



The Road Trip Rooster has been riding shotgun on my dashboard for the past year, but the Rooster has been riding the snow with me for the past 30+ years.

Early Groomers 003.JPG


I got turned on to the clothing line about 6 or 7 years ago & have found that the quality, functionality & style work great for my daily outings in the white world.  Presently, I am sporting Rossi pants, jacket, soft shell, plaid shirt & a few zip T-necks...  Great stuff!

Sundowner 012.JPG


Thanks for the ride Roosters,



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These are a few of my favorite things......




Rossignol 2010.JPG



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^ WOW that is a lot of Rossignols. I wonder if you have my old racers! I hate to say it, but I don't remember what model they were. They might still be in my parents' attic. I'll have to go look.


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In the late 80's Rossignol was the ski to have. I had posters of guys like Treeman on my bedrooms walls. I loved watching them huck their meat in the mountains. My favorite shot was one of Treeman hitting Treeboys off Granite Peak... I wonder where that poster went??? I noticed he had Rossignol skis on... The purple GS ones... 4G or 550's or something like that. That was it. Those were what I needed to be "extreme." My grandma used to ski at Sugar Bowl in the 30's and 40's, so she so graciously was the one to "sponsor me" to keep skiing alive in our family. My first pair of skis were a pair of Rossi's... Some inexpensive pair from the local sports store. That didn't matter. They were Rossignol, everyone on the hill will envy my skis and I will ski like John Treeman. My skiing experience wouldn't have happened without those boards. I wouldn't have made the move from Mt. Ashland to Squaw Valley in the mid-90's without the experience I got on those boards. 

Now... to find a picture. That'll be good :)

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As a left Shoulder I have personally kissed the trees on the ridges at Taynton Bowl, BC and had my protective parka ripped from my skin.  The keeper and operator of my being thought he could get those tip diving boards by that tree - fat chance.  After cortizone, massages, ice and heat I am finally healed.  We, my core and I started 2010 on Rockered S7 Rossignol Powder boards and can you believe it we now dart through the trees, no hesitating anticipatory turns anymore.  It is ZIP on a DIME and we are bye and through.  We have ridden our Rossi S7's into the powder, down the valley and into the literally thousands of Lodgepole pines with narry a scratch on my deltoid frame.  Hooray to Rossignol and those powerful powder boards that now let us play in the trees.  Good going Rossi we love ya.  Thanks from the Left side, me, and my brother the Right shoulder who just knew it was his year.  Boy, was he happy we are on Rossignol S7s.






Out of the trees and L Shoulder (me) working well.


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Only Rossi's I've ever owned were a couple of their mono-skis, They were my first introduction to mono-sking in the early 90's and I've continued with it to this day.

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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post


These are a few of my favorite things......



Nice, but you need more content..




The Rules:

- Your Rossignol Story must be between 100 and 200 words.

- Your story must mention the Rossignol equipment. If you don’t remember the exact name or model, something like “my Rossignol ski jacket from 1983” will suffice.

- Your story must be in original language conceived of and written by you.

- Your story’s content and language must be appropriate for the EpicSki community.

- If you opt to include a photo in your entry, you must have the rights to distribute it and it must be appropriate for the EpicSki community.



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Actually Rossi Smash's content is too much, if "A picture is worth 1000 words"


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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Actually Rossi Smash's content is too much, if "A picture is worth 1000 words"


Exactly right TC.......2008 by my count.......way too much words.gif

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The year was 1972. It was my third and final year competing in the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival skijoring events on Main Street. I always did well and had a stack of little trophies to prove it. Under foot were my trusted Rossignol skis that I used for racing in the Buddy Werner League. I also knew from experience that a lot depended on the horse and rider that was pulling you. Sometimes, it all comes together and this jump was it. I remember it like it was yesterday.


At the starting area the cowboy looked down at me and asked, “Do you want to really fly and win this thing?”


I said, “of course I do!”


“Well then,” the cowboy continued, “when you hit that jump, you yank that rope as hard as you can and I’m gonna do the same.” I just smiled and nodded. I loved going fast and catching good air was even better.


He threw me the rope, I grabbed on and before I knew it we were racing down the street toward that little jump. We broke the record with that jump and I swear even the horse was smiling.


The Jump

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