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  I have Fischer boots I got last year and they are size 26.5, I got my foot measured and it was just a hair over 26.5, my boots feel decent and don't really have any major pressure points, I didn't get fitted but they get the job done for cheap. I don't know what flex they are or any of that but I can look on the box if it matters and post what flex they are but I noticed on Saturday, about 12 PM my right shin was really sore, like that feeling of it being bruised and having pressure except it isn't sore on a small point, it's over my whole shin, I don't know if it was from a crash that my boot smashed hard against my shin or what. But today, my left shin isn't soar at all and my right shin is tender.


What are some causes for this and does it have anything to do with how i buckle the boot up? I've been told to try to go as tight as possible in the second buckle down that straps to the shin and then lighter on the top buckle and then the two buckles that are on top of the foot tight. How tight do I need to go and why do you think this is mostly just happening to my right shin?



I know almost nothing about boots so someone fill me in