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I tore my mcl in June and have been a bit scared this fall with skiing. I was able to get 5 or 6 days in the BC before riding a chair and felt pretty good, but it has been sore a few times. I had no crashes but a few minor tweeks to the knee in the BC, but then rode chairlifts. I crashed on day 1 around 2 in the afternoon, took a day and a half off and then skied another two.....cautiously!


I am nowhere near as far gone as I was in June. I took yesterday off from any exercise and rode bike to work today. I do not have full mobility,but enough to ski and ride a bike. To touch the inside of the knee is off the charts with pain, but other than that I can get around ok.


where would a person start for rehab? I really do not want to go to the Dr. and am confident in it being mcl tear. I just dont want to do too much to quick and goof it up, but I need to be ready to ski.....right now! I need some sort of accelerated program.


I am pretty good with daily dedication to rehab/exercise. Anyone have some ideas and a starting point? I will try anything with in reason! Also, is the mcl cartlidge like muscle development in the sense that you want to push the limits to cause adaptation...tear down rebuild stronger sorta thing?