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Seattle area Tues 12/13

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Hello, just wondering if anyone is skiing around the Seattle area on tues 12/13. I need a ride and would be willing to pay for gas/lunch or a lift ticket or whatever you think is fair. Ill be up there visiting family and will ski with my uncle on Monday at Crystal but I have an extra day on Tues and no one can go with me and I didnt want to have to rent a vehicle for the one day. I have a flight to catch at 630pm so I was thinkin Alpental since its closest but Im open. I havent been able to find any shuttles in the midweek except the one to Stevens Pass but it leaves at 430 and I wouldnt make my flight. Thanks.


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Actually car rentals should be pretty affordable, and you won't need an SUV or all wheel drive for I-90.  $25/day including taxes on Kayak or Hotwire.


Alpental is 45 minutes from Seattle, but since you need to get to Sea-Tac, it'll be an hour.   You could also go back to Crystal, which is about an hour 45 away from Sea Tac. 

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