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Anyone tried out the Swivler Patrol vest?

Poll Results: If you've heard of it/tried it - is it worth it?

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    Yes! This vest is awesome!!
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    Sure, but only if you don't mind the weight.
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Curious as to the quality of this vest, and was wondering if anyone here has tried it out.




Please let me know, as I'm seriously thinking about buying one - but not if the reviews aren't fairly solid!




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Need to know if this is worth the extra money...

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Flubbed up my poll.  Oops.  Won't let me delete it or edit it either.  : (

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I had the first one.  I had many issues, but they worked with me, and we have solved a lot of them.  It took more than one vest to get it right.  They were good to work with, but communication was fair at best.


I don't know what they charge for them now, but if I had it to do over again, I'm not sure I would.


If you do get one and like it, thank me...I was the beta tester, and got all the bugs out.


You might want to try being a little more PATIENT getting responses too.  From what I understand, only a few of these were ever sold.  You give it a couple hours for responses?  You're lucky to get any feedback in weeks on this item...



EDIT:  read my feedback here:  http://www.epicski.com/t/97278/redesign-of-a-ski-patrol-jacket-vest

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I bought one after seeing a friend's.  It is heavy as noted below, but it is also heavy-duty.  Because my load is well balanced it is relatively unnoticed while skiing.  I tried on his large and decided to get a medium (I'm 5'7", 145 lbs with 39" chest.  Initially planned to use it for spring skiing.  Liked it enough that I wear it all seasons.  In retrospect, I should have gotten the large anyway as it is a bit snug with layers under it.  Due to its relative stiffness, the inner pockets if filled with any hard objects like pens, chapstick are uncomfortable; something that would not be an issue if I'd gotten the large I suspect.  What I really like about it is the lay out of the pockets and rear flap.  I tend to carry too much stuff, but other than when I first pick it up to put it on, really tend not to notice it.  While the radio pocket could stand a better design, it is still satisfactory.  A good place to clip a mic would be nice.  I just use a plastic wicket for lift tickets as a mic clip and it's lasted in to its 3rd season.  Rumor is they switched to a "Molle" type vest, but looking on the Snowpatroller's website it appears to be the same vest.


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If my patrol did not require us to wear the Patagonia or Mountain Uniforms vests/coats, I would like to try the molle version.  I like the idea of configuring the vest with pouches. 


For those following the carry a gun thread, you could add a weapons catch and ski with a shotgun or carbine.  LOL

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