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A little background.  I'm an athletic 56, 6'2", 195lb.  I've been skiing all my life, but most was when I was younger and have been doing more skiing again the past several seasons, and have been thinking about purchasing a pair of new ski's.  My current ski's are Rossi Vipers 190 cm.  Yes, I don't purchase skis very often.  Before that I was skiing on 200 cm rossi strato's.  I'm definitlely old school, legs clamped together, kind of like a mono ski.  As long as it's smooth, doesn't matter what the pitch, I look like a pro, but throw in moguls, more challenging snow conditions...and well things start to deteriorate.  I ski out West, mostly Heavenly and North Star currently, Epic pass.


I guess I'm looking for that single ski that can do all.  The ski's I've been thinking about are the Bushwacker but I'm a little concerned about the max length on these skis of 180 cm, and the K2 aftershock.  I'm looking for a ski that is great on groomed but that will be a lot of fun in the powder and crud.  I've kind of been gravitating toward these skis because I'm a little concerned I'd have a bit of difficulty adjusting if the ski was wider.  Anyway any thoughts of what might be suitable and a matching binding would be great.  Thanks for any input you might have.