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Help choosing intermediate-advanced skis

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I've been skiing on and off for about 7 years in Lake Tahoe. I have a pair of Salomon Crossmax 07 (180cm) skis (67mm wide under the boot), and I think that I am ready for an upgrade. I'm 5'11", about 180 lbs, and consider myself at intermediate level. I can ski comfortably on black groomed runs, and can make my way through moguls but slowly and don't have the proper technique yet. I am not comfortable in powder snow around the trees, but I'd like to improve here too. 


I have a pair of Lange Vector 7 boots, that fit me well.


I'd like to get all-around skis that will allow me to improve, and hopefully work for me for a while. I checked local stores, and these are the options that I'm considering:


Atomic Blackeye Ti (174cm, 82 mm under the boot)

Volkl RTM 75iS (173cm, 75 mm under the boot)

Volkl RTM 77 (171cm or 176cm, 77 mm under the boot)

K2 A.M.P. impact (174cm, 80 mm under the boot)



Salomon Enduro RX750 (168cm or 177 cm), 74mm under the boot. I believe this is last year's model.

Volkl AC30 (170cm or 177cm, 80 mm under the boot) (last year model)

K2. Amp aftershock. No binding. (not sure what year). 174 cm, 86 mm under the boot

K2. Recon. No  integrated bindings. 170 cm or 177 cm, 78mm under the boot (not sure what year)


In terms of price the Atomic Blackeye, Volkl RTM 75iS, K2 A.M.P. impact, K2. Amp aftershock+binding, and Volkl AC30 are about the same ~$650. The Volkl RMT 77 is pricier, and the Salomon RX750 and K2 Recon+binding a little lower.


I'd appreciate any recommendations with respect to the above skis, best length for me, and any other options that I should consider. I was told to demo different pairs, but I feel that I will learn to like and to use a good set of skis. Maybe something that feels right today may not be the best option in the long run.


Thanks in advance for your help.




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Most any of those skis would work well for you. Off the top of my head I would say the flat Aftershocks in the 174 from last season as my top choice. Save some $$ on last years skis and consider upgrading your boots, the Vector is very limited in it's performance capacity and is either now or will soon be holding you back. Demoing is always a good idea if it fits into your plans and timeframe but when you are dealing with leftover gear, you are less than limited. 

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Philpug: Thanks for your input!

What should I look for in boots? My understanding was that a good fit was the most important factor, and when I got the Vector 7's around 2002, they were the only boot that provided a good fit for my narrow feet. Should I look for stiffer boots?


I can get a good deal on 2012 Atomic Blackeye Ti (174cm), about $200 cheaper than the older Aftershocks. Do you see any reason no to get the Atomics?

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